I'm new to this - trying to conceive, when should I visit the doctor?

Hi there, I've just joined because this a need another opinion on something. I came off the pill just over a year ago and my partner and I thought we'd just wait and see what happens and hopefully I would get pregnant. We work opposite hours all the time and haven't been 'trying' constantly, just as and when (usually at least once a week) and seeing what happens. The last couple of months we've been trying mostly every other day to try and increase our chances but it's been just over a year and I still haven't conceived and i'm starting to worry that something is wrong. It probably doesn't help that I seem to have a 6 week menstrual cycle so trying to track when i'm ovulating etc is pretty difficult. I was just looking for another opinion as to when you think we should see the doctor to check everything is ok? - We haven't told friends/family that we are trying so I can't ask their opinion! Thanks x

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Generally if you've been trying for a year and haven't conceived, your GP will want to go ahead and get the ball rolling on fertility testing. That said, having sex once a week isn't really actively trying--every other day like you're doing now is the recommended rhythm, so perhaps your GP would want to hold off a little longer. On the other hand, 6 weeks is on the long side for a cycle, so he or she may want to test some hormone levels regardless. I'd say the best thing to do is go ahead and go in and discuss it. Even if it's not time for fertility testing yet, GPs like to talk to couples who are trying to conceive so they can discuss things like folic acid, smoking, immunity to rubella, etc.--obviously women get pregnant by accident all the time and have healthy pregnancies, but if you're planning, you might as well go ahead and make sure you're healthy first. And if it isn't time yet, your GP will be able to tell you exactly when you should come back. You don't want to put anything off that can be done sooner rather than later, because once you've been referred to a specialist, you can easily spend most of the following year on waiting lists for one or the other test or procedure.

In the meantime, have frequent sex, and try not to worry. After two and half years of trying, having every test under the sun, finally being told I probably have PCOS and sent home with a box of Clomid, my husband and I conceived naturally during a period where we decided to have a break from worrying about it before starting the drugs. So, even when "something is wrong", good things can happen :)


Hi, We were trying for three years! I am forty in a couple of weeks and 10 weeks pregnant. I thought my age was a big factor. We went to a private doctor to get the ball rolling a bit faster. He said my age didn't matter and to relax. He sent myself and my husband for tests and in the middle of the process I became pregnant naturally. I was using a clear blue ovulation monitor,which I highly recommend. You can try a few times a day when ovulating and relax the rest of the month( if you want to). Lie with your legs up for as long as you can after sex and don't shower right after. This sounds mad but it worked for us. Also try to live as healthily as you can: cut out caffeine,cigarettes, and alcohol. Start taking folic acid. Try not to make it a chore and enjoy your time together. The very best of luck. X



I would go see your GP as soon as. My boyfriend and I had been trying only for about 6 months but I was getting frustrated so my friend suggested I go to the Drs, tell them you have been trying for ages and you want to get some blood tests done. I asked them to check amh, Thoroid, zinc, iron, rembella etc.

Turns out I have under active thyroid and started taking a small dose of levothyroxine in Feb 2013. 3 months later IM PREGNANT :o)

Good Luck



hi ya,

im in the same boat except i have never been on contraception so thats not to blame for me! we have been trying for 2 years now and we are both young and healthy an dont ssmoke.. i havent seen the doc as i have worried he wont take me serious as im only 19! but i understand the long period thing!! before i started tryin my periods were so regulare every 33 days.. since stared tryin it is now every 7 weeks i get my period ;( have u spoken to your gp yet?


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