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Could I be pregnant?

My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for over a year, we had a miscarriage last year but havent gotten pregnant since. I decided to go on the pill while i settled into a new job was wasnt very good at taking it, the first months out of 28 i took about 11 and last month out of 28 i took 7.

My periods are usually every 5 or 7 weeks but havent had a period in 9 weeks, and my nipples hurt and feel nauseous. Could i be pregnant or could it just be in my head?

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You very likely could be pregnant..but also, the rise and drop in hormone from missing and then taking pills could mess with your cycle and hormone levels..only sure easy to tell is to test every 3 days for a week or so or until you get a period. Then decide if you want to be on the pill or not as its not good for your body to take the pill the way you


Sounds like you need to start taking your pill like its meant to be taken, especially if you have 1. already had a miscarriage and 2. you are trying to get pregnant and have irregular periods in the first place. Taking your pill just "whenevs" is not good for you.

If you are 9 weeks late why have you not taken a test?? You have been pregnant before and you should know that by about 5 weeks you will get a prositive test. Why go off of nipples being sore and nausea when you can just take a test?? I'm really surprised by the questions woman ask on this forum to be honest.


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