could i be pregnant?

me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex not soo long ago, about five minutes into it, he put a condom on, he did how ever precum, i was also due on 4 days ago, usually i'm pretty good when it comes to coming on. i'm getting slight cramps, but nothings showing. i've heard if you worry about being pregnant then you'll come on late cause it plays on your mind, i haven't been panicing too much just curios as what could happen?

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Hi Confused1993

You can get pregnant from pre cum but the chances are very slim, there are some active sperm in the pre cum but like i said it is a very slim chance of you getting pregnant. I would wait another three days to do a pregnancy test so you no your definately no your not going to come on your period late, if you are pregnant i would advise you to go to your GP good luck and i hope all goes well.

From 19andworried


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