Can I be pregnant? Help please

I finished my last active pill on 15th June, had my "period" for 5days then started spotting a few days after for around 4/5 days, since then I've had bleeding and more brown discharge. I did 6 pregnancy tests today and about half had a faint positive. I've not taken my pill since I stopped on the 15th. Is there a chance I could be pregnant? I know it sounds like a silly question but I've been on the pill while I've been sexually active with my boyfriend (nearly 2 years) and I'm not sure if the bleeding is affecting the outcome of the hpt? Any help would be great! Thanks in advance

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Hey hun - I suppose there's always a CHANCE we could be pregnant straight off the pill but I think maybe your body's just getting used to the changes in hormones (which could explain the discharge, spotting and maybe even the faint positives?) ... I took a hpt once when on the pill years ago, got a faint positive line but the test was actually negative (I wasnt pregnant). I'd give it another week or two and test again - know it's difficult to wait but the only way to be more sure - if you still have the faint positives maybe talk to an advice nurse or GP? Best of luck xx


Thanks for the quick reply :) see I was sick on the Saturday after I finished my period so missed a few pills and while I was taking my pill I had the brown discharge and so reading these forums made me stop taking it just in case I was pregnant. I just never have irregularities with my period. It probably is just my hormones getting used to not being on the pill. I'll wait for a while then test again. Thank you xx


Hi- I would wait a few days (a week ideally but I bet the suspense would be too much!) and try again. Maybe buy a digital hpt that way your eyes can't play tricks on you!

Good luck


thanks :) I guess I'll just have to play the waiting game


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