Ruptured Uterus during previous labour

I have two children one nearly 12, brilliant pregnacy no sickness or anything...then came the birth. I was left to go over my due date by 10 days then i was taken into hospital to start off my labour. After 3 days of being in agony, front or back waters broke on their own (i know one of them had to be broken for me), 4cm dialated and ended up having amergancy caesarean! 9lb 4oz baby and blood transfusion later in absoulute agony. Further complications lead me to be taken back to hospital with a severe infection because i was left with some of the placenta still in my womb which they failed to remove fully. Which lead me to being anemic which isnt the best with rare blood types.

Second exactly the same, brilliant pregnancy, awfull labour 9cm dialated 9lb (yes 9cm) baby. Only this time my babys heart rate started to slow down so they had to place something on his head to moniter his hearbeat while he was still in my womb. This was probably due to an even further complication as then my uterus ruptured. My baby was born with jaundice so was hard to feed him. Along with all the other complications and more blood transfusions, wires all over the place, tubes draining blood etc.. & again back in hospital after release with another infection.

I swore i would never have anymore children...

8 years later we want another child, 6 months later still no pregnacy. I always knew that my uterus had ruptured and never really thought anything of it, up untill last week when i though i would do some research about it and i did not like what i was reading at all. And has now put the fear of god in me and i am worrying about the risks that could come witha further pregnancy.

Has anyone else ever had any of this happen to them, more importantly has anyones uterus ever ruptured and you have gone on to have further pregnancys and what proceedures have the doctors taken or does anyone have any information on this that you think may be helpfull or put my mind at ease, be cruel to be kind i dont mind hearing your stories i just want to be sure that i make the right decission before putting a babys life or mine at risk.

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You sound to have had a rough time with birth. Having had two previous C sections you would be classed as high risk with a third pregnancy and the scar tissue on your uterus will reduce your chances of conceiving. However, this should not put you off!

I have looked after women with 1 or 2 previous sections having VBAC (vaginal birth after C section) and have never seen uterine rupture but I do know there is a risk which is why we monitor baby's heartbeat through labour. I dont know what the chances are of re-curring uterine rupture. Therefore I would recommend that you speak to your GP and ask for referral for pre-conception counselling so that you can be fully informed of the risks. You need to speak with a consultant obstetrician, preferably at the hospital you delivered at last time so they can access your hospital notes and de-brief you on your previous experience.

I would imagine they would recommend a planned C Section at 38 weeks. Good luck!


Thank you for your answer it was really helpfull.I have already see? n my GP and she has refered me to the hospital to see the pre-conception counseller there. Its been nearly 7 months of trying now is that normal for someone that has aleady had children? My husband is not my childrens father.

Is there anyone here that has been in a similar situation who can shed some light on their experience?

Thanks in advance.


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