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miscarriage happened at 30th of may at 4 week and 4 days.bleeding stopped at 9th of june.today ist of july preg test positive.plz help me.



if it was not miscarriage iam 9 week and 1 day old pregnant.my pregnancy test is faint but clear positive.i have all pregnancy symptoms.when my bleeding stopped i did unprotected sex just for 3 or 4 time.i dont know it is previous pregnancy or new one.plz help me.what should i do now.

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i forgot to tell my periods are due on 10 of july.

I am not medically trained but i know the following...

- You can still test as positive after a miscarriage for a few weeks, so it may be a false positive.

- Pregnancy tests detect your hcg levels, which rise during the first few weeks but then the tests dont normally work at about 9 weeks....in which case the test could be detecting a new pregnancy from your last un-protected sex. But it is unlikely if you period is not due until 10th July. Having said that, if you did miscarry it could have messed about with your cycle.

I would say test again after a couple of days, if you are worried go to your docs or maybe even try ringing NHS direct 0845 46 47

hi there,

first off let me say sorry for having to go through this, it is not fun in the least. i had 3 miscarriages before having my little girl. now, a test can still come up positive weeks after losing a baby as the hormones are still in your body. best thing to do, its wait and see if your period comes, its the best sign to say what has happened. i know its easier said than done to wait but its all you can do for now.

if no period comes, off to the gp to see whats happening. do remember it is very common to bleed in early pregnancy as the egg implants into the uterus wall.

crossing fingers for you xx


when i had miscarriage and my bleeding was stopped and that time and now i had/have all pregnancy symptoms.when bleeding stopped i gave blood test because of pregnancy symptoms.it was negetive....one week ago i checked hpt at home was still negetive and now showing positive .whats this mean....

Hi there,

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant conception occurred 3 days after I had a miscarriage which I was 4 1/2 weeks pregnant, I bled a little heavier than a normal period. I know I miscarried as I did a test again after bleeding had stopped and it was negative. My husband and I were waiting one month until trying again as advised by my doctor......BUT ....... one night ''happened'' and I truely expected my period to arrive but nothing so 5 weeks after my miscarriage I tested again as I did feel a little like when I was pregnant with my first and I had the biggest suprise ever to see it was positive!!!

Anyway what I am saying is there is every chance that you are pregnant I am living proof it CAN happen that soon!

I have just had my midwife appointment and all seems to be going well. I'm just looking forward to my scan now in a few weeks.

If I were you I would go to the docs and explain as they can get you in for an early scan especially if it is the first pregnancy sticking in there....

Good luck and fingers crossed all ok

It seems you are probably pregnant again, go to your GP explain your situation and ask to have your hCG levels measured.

Good luck!

thanks for all to reply.today i tested with clear blue digital and showing iam 2-3 week pregnant.u r right pigeole,it means my conception occured 2 or 4 days after miscarriage.iam very happy for u pigeole and plz pray for me because i already had three miscarriages in a row and i dont know what will happen this time.i have one more question my period is due on 10th of july so how i can get positive result so soon.

The positive result is dependant on how much HCG pregnancy hormone you have in your system. So it is obviously quite high, this is a good sign, I was worried this time as my hcg was lower than when I was pregnant with my son but it has definitely picked up now as I'm feeling plenty of symptoms...caused by this hormone. Anyway that's what I think but it wouldn't hurt to go to your GP and get their advice. I am sure everything will be fine like my little bub it is showing to be quite determined already!! Take care and I'll pray lots for you, and for me as I'll be much happier when I get to 12 weeks! we will get there I'm sure. x

thanks for quick reply pigeole.i booked appointment tommorro with nurse for blood test and i will discuss my situation with her.iam crossing my fingers for u,everything will be fine.tc.

Sorry to hear your sad news, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I had a miscarriage on the 10th march when i was 10 weeks pregnant. I stopped bleeding 17th march. By the 30th march i was still having positive + urine pregnancy tests. My midwife friend told me that this was unusual as urinary hcg should have been filtered out within the two weeks (as i was only 10 weeks pregnant). So i pondered and left it another week........

I visited the GP on 17th April, he took bloods which confirmed that we were approx 4 weeks pregnant. YIPEEEEEEE But how could this be?????

It was no mistake i had caught on pregnant just 9 days after my miscarriage!!!!! My GP said that my body was at a prefect stage to accept a new embryo! My hormones were perfect, the uterus lining was right and i must have been "just ripe" lol. I am now 16 weeks pregnant, swelling wonderfully, and feeling much more relaxed.

I really hope this helps you in some way, go visit your GP who will prob do bloods to check a raising hcg level. I really hope that it is good news for you! much love xx

congratulation.....iam very happy for u..can u tell me u had one miscarriage or more and this is ur first child.

I'm pregnant a month after miscarriage, still early, but I def am, as feel so shattered and other symptoms starting now. Good luck, hope it goes ok. Xx

Having miscarried at 8 weeks i went on to give birth to a healthy full term baby 7 months later. She has gone on to have 4 kids of her own. I then proceeded to have 4 more healthy babies all of whom are now parents themselves. I did have a further pregnancy which resulted in 1 miscarriage at 12 weeks & a still birth @ 24 weeks. My body just didn't want me to successfully carry twins to term.Hope this new pregnancy works out for you.

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