Apologises if i have posted this in the wrong area. Am new to the forum and if you have already read this.

I'm looking for other people's opinions. I don't believe I'm pregnant however this week I've been feeling slightly dizzy, been getting headaches near to my eye, so far this week I've had slightly twinges in my stoumach if I was getting my period and tonight the pain has increased if I was on my period. I know I'm not due my period for another week or so.

Strangely this week I've been drinking strawberry milkshake but generally I don't drink a glass of milk.

Ive also had some slight discharge with blood.

Can anyone please help


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  • I would do a test then if that negative go see doctor as a blood test is a better result I saw nurse 4 mine doing good luck

  • Hi,

    Thanks for replying. I don't believe am pregnant as we have been careful.

    The pain in the stoumach has died down and definately not due periods till mid july and had a period in june.

  • Hi,

    I had pain a few years back in my lower abdomen and went to the docs. they sent me for an ultra sound to check my uterus and fallopian tubes. - nothing wrong. after that i have heard that sometimes an egg travelling can cause pain on occasion. definately ask you doctor or nurse. they'll do a quick prod and decide what to do from there. it scared the crap out of me when they said i needed a scan but no problems. Also the pain can be linked to bad bowel mvmts - constipation etc. i have irratable bowel so they decided it was probably that.

  • Hi,

    Since last week. The pain has ceased. Am now having a weird taste in my mouth. The only way i can decribe it is like a mint taste. I done a test and came back negative.

    Any ideas

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