Someone help me!

I need some answers if anyone can help me! Last month I was bleeding during sex occasionally, then was spotting some blood with brown discharge! A few weeks ago I started spotting blood again and I had some clear white mucus with blood, and a couple of nights ago I was having sex with my partner and I started bleeding again. Help :-( someone said I might be pregnant or I've had a miscarriage?

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I'd say it's unlikely this is bc youre pregnant, i've had it happen to me before that sex has caused slight bleeding directly afterwards - seemed to happen often for a while then i haven't expereinced it in years now.

Are you using birth control? are you trying to get pregnant? If youre protected youre probably not pregnant - if it's happening a lot though maybe call an advice nurse or go to the doctor?


I was bleeding suring sex not after. Yeah I've been rigivedon for nearly 5 years now.


I doubt you're pregnant, but those symptoms are definitely worth discussing with your GP, who may want to test for infections (not necessarily sexually transmitted, so go anyway, even if you haven't had unsafe sex) and possibly do a cervical smear if you haven't had one in a while. Here's an NHS Choices page on bleeding after sex: I wouldn't distinguish between "before" and "during"--I suspect most women who report bleeding after sex actually started bleeding during but didn't notice until later.


It is highly unlikely that you are pregnant but I would definitely recommend that you take a trip to your local family planning clinic. They will test for infections (not just sexually transmitted infections) as well as examine you and do a smear test as said before. And they will do a pregnancy test and give you the results there and then which will help put your mind at ease as I said before I doubt this is because you are pregnant unless you are having any other pregnancy signs i.e. missed period etc. I have had this problem before which was due to a cervical ectopy and was referred for treatment but fortunately it settled down after a couple of months and no treatment was required. It may or may not be the same problem but try not to worry too much about it. I know that this is easier said than done and also understand how alarming this can be when it happens during sex. In my experience the Doctors and nurses at the family planning are more likely to give you an accurate diagnosis/treatment and advice when it comes to sexual health and women/mens well being as they deal with this throughout their working day. Not that your local GP or Nurse wont be able to do the same job as I said this was in my experience. I have found that I have been given a quicker and more accurate diagnosis when it comes to well women and sexual health. I hope you find this helpful and get it checked as soon as your able to that way you can out your mind at ease.



Those symptoms do not suggest pregnancy. Please go to have a smear and go and have a sexual health check up. Irregular cells on your cervix can cause bleeding, and so can a pelvic infection.

Go get it checked, better to be safe than sorry!


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