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can any body tell me whats going on?

i had miscarriage at 5 weeks.3 days just brown discarge when i wiped then 5 days bleeding with clots and 2 days brown discharge.when bleeding stopped i have still all symptoms of pregnancy like breast tingles, on and off cramping.i have matelic taste in my mouth every day.GP said she doesnot know whats going on because ur blood report is anybody have/had same situation.plz help.

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hi in the same situation as you.i had a blood test that was negative,but iv tested about 20 times with clear blue,all positive,the hospital told me i had a miscarriage.:-(,so my husband and i are going to pay 4 a private scan as i still feel pregnant like me you are probably in the dark.however trust ur own body and follow ur instincts,i hope i have helped a bit wsbn.<£


when u gave a blood test and when u checked by clear blue and at what stage u started bleeding and how many weeks u r blood test was negetive on 11 of june and after 13 days i tested with asda brand it was negetive.iam praying for u,hope ur scan would be ok.plz tell me after ur scan.


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