Could I be pregnant?

Last august I found I I was pregnant. I had very early symptoms and I knew I was pregnant, way before my period was due. A pregnancy test confirmed this but only when my period was due. Sadly, I had to have an abortion in the September. I ended up having the hormone coil put in not long after. Due to problems with the coil it was removed in late March. I had a bleed a few days later, very heavy and lots of clots. After that I had un-protected and protected sex. Then a while later had all the early symptoms of pregnancy that I'd had in August. As I wasn't sure when a period was due I took a test but it was negative. My period eventually came, but I still felt pregnant. More negative tests have followed. Based on that last period I am due in 1 week yet I have had very slight bleeding over the last day or so. Nothing major just very tiny bits. I feel pregnant but my head's done in with the negative tests :(

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I've felt pregnant and had negative tests before. Went to my GP for blood tests to confirm, and I was definitely not pregnant. I'd finished up on the pill mid-cycle, and my GP suggested that finishing at that time might have resulted in a hormone imbalance / spike, resulting in the symptoms which made me feel pregnant. Visit your GP if you're still not sure - the internal conflict is awful. R


Thanks rmh2012. I went to docs the other day and was advised to do a urine pregnancy test. Results not back til Tuesday. She did say it was probably the result of the coil being taken out but because I have had some low down pain she decided to do a test. Fingers crossed it should all be resolved by Tuesday


Here's to peace of mind! R x


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