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Where to get best information on pregnancy, first timer in her forties?

Had my first doctors appointment today and feel disappointed by the lack of information provided, I know that not having your first until early forties is a bit late but I expected to leave armed with information not a just a badly copied unclear piece of paper, I'm only 8 weeks and don't feel ready to ask advise of family or friends until 12 weeks

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Lots of general info here:

Some stuff specifically for older mums here:


Reply has a forum for older mums. I had my first baby 6 months ago, the day before my 43rd birthday. Like you, i thought i was 'old' but I saw various gyni's and doctors and nurses and all basically said 'rubbish, 50 is old!' kind of comments. They all said I should not worry about my age and so I did not and indeed I had a pregnancy just like millions of others, without any problems due to my age. I did enjoy reading the forums in bounty though. My daughter arrived in perfect condition and is a content, happy, placid but intelligent little bundle of pure joy, you'll never look back oh and your pregnancy will fly by, trust me! Best of luck and enjoy every moment x



I too am a first timer, I turn 40 in a couple of months and am at exactly the same stage as you.

I agree on I went for my first midwife's appointment yesterday and we went through the bounty Pregnancy information Folder, which contains some useful information. Also in her waiting room were a couple of useful magazines: and

Also, the book What to Expect When You're Expecting is extremely useful. It has just been made into a rather dodgy looking film but don't let that put you off, the book is full of really useful information and can be very reassuring if you have worries/niggles.

Good luck with everything.


First of all, congratulations! It's so exciting to be starting on this journey.

Have you begun to consider whether or not you will do an antenatal course? It is a great way to meet other parents at your same stage in your local area, as well as to get loads of information first-hand from a trained practitioner. NCT courses are small (usually 6-8 couples) and your antenatal teacher would be able to answer all your questions about pregnancy, birth and the early days with your baby as they come up. Find out more about antenatal courses and how to book here:

Also, NCT does have loads of free and evidence-based information on our website - check out, and

Hope this helps!

All the best,



Thanks everyone this is really useful, I think I was a bit put off by the doctors, the thought of a maternity unit described by some as horrific, have since spoken to another one with glowing reviews and feel much happier, only a few more weeks and I can consult with the family midwife (ie mother in law)


Also some great information at this site:


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