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Could I be pregnant?

My periods are very irregular. I get one roughly every 3 months. My last period was from 6th-17th May 2012. I had sex early hours on the 20th May. The last week or two I have been feeling dizzy and sick near enough everyday, my breasts feel firmer and really tender especially the nipple. I have also has strange feelings in my stomach.. I haven't done a test yet because I'm scared of what it is going to say. So any help would be grateful. Thanks

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There's only one way to find out for sure. I know it's terrifying to pee on that stick when you have a strong feeling about what you want the result to be, but ultimately a definitive yes or no from a pregnancy test will be a lot more helpful to you than a maybe from an online forum. Given how long your cycle is and how soon after your period you had sex, I'd be mildly surprised if you turned out to be pregnant, but anything's possible with an out-of-whack cycle, especially if you're still quite young.

If the test comes back negative, I'd still go see your GP--something else is making you sick and dizzy, and you need to know what. Also, if you haven't already done so, it's time to discuss your irregular and unusually long periods (any any other symptoms you've been having, even if they seem unrelated) with your doctor. Even if you don't want children now, you may one day, and getting on top of your menstrual cycle now can safeguard your fertility for the future. Some problems that cause symptoms like yours can be halted or slowed down in their progress by simply taking the pill, which would probaby also make your periods less dramatic, and would have the added bonus of protecting you against pregnancy (though not STDs) until such time as you're ready.

Good luck, and I hope you get the answer you're looking for!


I think pregnancy symptoms are very hard to distinguish from pre-menstral ones. Plus I think your head can play a massive factor in over exaggerating symtoms.

But when you are pregnant you realise just how different the symptoms are- one massive things- your breasts don't feel tender, they hurt more than you can imagine!! Plus you will feel tired all the time for no reason. They were my tell tale symptoms.

Carren is right- even though its scary because its the only way to find out for sure.

Good luck x


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