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Morning Sickness But Not Vomiting Every Day..should I Be Worried?

Im 9 week's pregnant And have morning sickness some days its really bad and i can vomit upto 8 time's a day. In the past few days its changed. 3 days ago i vomited 8 times , yesterday just once and today nothing only the occasional belch. Im Slighty Worried As Ive Had A Miscarriage Before But I Never Got To The Morning Sickness Stage..

So I'm Wondering if its normal for the sickness to vary?

Thank You.

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Yes it can vary, that much sickness I'd go to gp to see about anti-sickness meds as it can make you dehydrated etc.


It is very normal to have sickness with one pregnancy and not another. It is also normal to have varying levels of sickness. It's actually quite a good sign as it means the embryo is very firmly embedded in the uterus and creating lots of progesterone.

I am on my second pregnancy and am experiancing horrific morning sickness all day and all night, which was worst than my first baby, so I can sympathise.

If you can cope without meds it is always better, I find to just keep eating is the best thing, and things like ice lollys are great to give you a sugar boost, you just need to find what works for you at any given moment (it can vary).

However if ,like me, you really can't cope with it anymore there are lots of different tablets you can take. I took some with my first and have just called the GP to sort out some for this time too. If you are regularly vomiting that much you must speak to your GP or midwife because as the previous lady said, you can quickly get dehydrated and that will make you feel worse.

Hope it all improves soon xxx


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