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should I take a pregnancy test?

I'm a bit confused about whether I should take a test or not (I apologise for TMI before I proceed!)

My husband and I stopped using contraception about 2 weeks ago but I thought after I had last ovulated. My period was due last Thursday but didn't come. Instead I had some spotting, very light, no cramps, no hormanal 'moments', no sore boobs etc, it also didn't look like a period if you get me. On Sunday, I started to bleed with what looked more like a period and I had some minor cramping (nothing like usual period pains) but the bleeding only lasted a few hours and last night and today, I've had no bleeding at all.

my periods are normally like clockwork and I'm thinking I should take a pregnancy test more to put my mind at ease than anything else. nothing about this 'period' has been like a period!

Any advice would be great! thank you in advance!

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What sort of contraception were you using until two weeks ago, if you don't mind my asking? If you've recently gone off the pill, your periods could just be weird as the hormones are changing (this has happened to me)

But I say you know your body best, and if you feel something has changed you may well be right! there's nothing wrong with taking a test - and hopefully you get the answer you're looking for :)


I came off the pill in February and went straight into a cycle of normal periods. We've been using condoms since then as we (read: I) wanted to give my body a chance to get back to normal.

I don't really feel different as such, I have been unbelieveably tired for the last few weeks but no other symptoms of pregnancy.

my husband doesn't think I'm pregnant so advised me not to bother with a test as I'm bleeding therefore I'm not pregnant - he doesn't quite 'get' periods and how they can be different!!

I really would love to be pregnant but a) I don't think we are that lucky to get pregnant without really trying and b) I think maybe I want to be pregnant so I am reading too much into things!! I am a bit concerned about how different this 'period' is though.

thanks for the advice


That's funny, I had almost exactly the same this week. We've been trying to get pregnant again and was disappointed to what I thought was the beginning of my period, but then stopped as soon as it started.

After reading around it could be for many reasons, but including an 'Implantation bleed' (google it!) as the timing is similar to yours (mine is about 8 days post ovulation).

So my guess is pregnancy is definitely not out of the question in both cases!


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