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Pregnancy starting to feel real

Well I've just had my 12 week scan the other day, and suddenly everything about being pregnant is starting to feel real. We haven't told anyone yet but have organised a dinner with our parents for the weekend and we're going to break the news! My husband and I haven't been married long but I think they will be pretty thrilled. NOt sure how I'm going to say it yet, somehow saying it out loud will make it even more of a reality because they're going to have questions, like will we find out if we're having a boy or a girl and will we find a bigger flat - all things we've discussed but have no answers to just yet! I just have so much to learn and figure out so I'm hoping this forum will be a good place to do that. I have so many feelings going on (finally morning sickness has passed, thank god) but my mind is racing. Have you all found that telling your parents, your friends and your boss has made things become a bit clearer? Has helped you started to really plan and prepare for such a big transition? I couldn't be happier about becoming a mummy but I also couldn't be more frightened! Sharing your stories or any advice is very welcome my way!

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Its so nice telling everyone! To start when its yours and your husbands secret its nice to feel happy and smug cos your going to have a baby but the urge to tell everyone is overwhelming. Everyone is always happy for you a baby is great news and so exciting! Expect tears, hugs, laughs, questions and lots of love. Everybody is different about feeling "ready" and the baby being "real" It didnt sink in for me until I was about to have my first baby then I paniced about if I would be good enough etc, I ahve since found out everyone panics at some point, but you wonder what the fuss is about as its just brilliant! The only bad point for me was my poor Mum who had a bit of a shock, although I was married and 22 years old babies hadnt occoured to her and becoming a Granny at 43 was a bit daunting to her but as my Dad pointed out it was worse for him as he was going to be married to someones Granny lol. Good Luck x


Firstly congratulations. I think you have done marvellously in waiting for the 12 weeks to come. I understand telling at this time is probably the safest but as soon as my partner and I found out we were expecting, returning home after 8 months of travelling we burst at the 6 week mark. We had planned starting a family and having conceived straight away felt natural if a little 'Wow'. So having been home 10 days we have secured our first house, getting jobs and car sorted we are now registering with our new doctors surgery after the Jubilee weekend. Tonight I have written my birthing plan and think probably I will not think about pregnancy for another day until I get that regconized twinge at 6pm of sickness! Seriously, telling both families has made it feel like everyone is with us on this remarkable journey and god for bid should we need anything we will have help support and love at hand. Sending happiness and health. Petrina X


Well done for waiting until 12 weeks - I couldn't keep it in! We've told close family and a couple of friends and I've told my mummy friends that I made after having my daughter (now 20 months). I'm the first to be having baby no 2 (who wants another baby) so they are all crazy excited for me. It's funny because we all met and bonded over new babies - we didn't know each other when pregnant so this is all new to us. I hope your dinner goes well - just make sure they aren't eating/drinking when you tell them (I almost got sprayed with a cuppa when I told the inlaws!)


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