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preg test

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hi so I took a clear blue preg test yesterday and there was a faint second line

is this a positive result or negative ?

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If you check the instructions on the test it will explain how to read the test. If you've read it with in the time in the instructions it could be positive, but if the photo was taken outside the time it could an evaporation line.

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Yes I believe so. Congratulations.

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This looks like an evaporation line. First Response Early are the most sensitive you can buy and don’t usually get evap lines, so try one of those now or any test in a few days. Xx

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an evaporation line hasn’t got any colour though this line has colour

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Twiglet2 in reply to BabyLove22

I’ve had a clear blue look like this and get my hopes up but it was an evap line, it could very well be positive too though but this brand are well known for this weird blue lines that don’t always give clarity! I would defo take a digital test or a first response or pink dye test to be sure 🤗 good luck xx

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Chloelou6 in reply to BabyLove22

I would say the same it looks like an evaporation line as it’s thin. I’ve had a thin blue line on a test before and it was an evaporation line. I now only take pink dye ones as you don’t get them.

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looks positive, take another in a couple of days. Make sure it’s the first wee of the day. ☺️

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