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Ectopic pregnancy

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Back in 2021 i suffered from an ectopic pregnancy I am pregnant today , (6 weeks) I have light constant light brown spotting everytime i wipe and I am terrified

They all say bleeding is normal , but with all my previous pregnancies i had zero spotting nor bleeding. When i went through my ectopic i had been bleeding bright red since the day i found out not even sure how far lon i was as i thought I had just gotten off my period 3 days prior to finding out i was pregnant or at least i thought it was my period i believe it had been my tube leaking as it had been damaged. 1 week later i have sever pain in lower left side along with bright red vaginal bleeding my ob said it was "normal" and scheduled me for a scan the following week , i didnt make it my tube ruptured and i had internal bleeding had to call the ambulance because I couldnt even walk. the bleeding was already covering my organs i was throwing up had a fever i was very unstable paramedics were very scared i was pale yellow my vitals were very low. It was the scariest thing ever im pretty sure this could have been avoided if my ob would had done a scan that day . I dont want to go to ER for my current spotting to just come home to them saying "its normal" and we cant see anything cause its too early

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please go to hospital, bleeding isn't normal, I was told this yesterday when at hospital for same thing. I'm currently going through similar. I've been and had blood levels checked and awaiting a scan. You can call your early pregnancy unit who should get you in for bloods to be taken, to check the levels of hcg.

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I went in yesterday morning Wednesday march 15th my hcg levels were at 4,000 yet no definite pregnancy was detected , i have to go back in tomorrow for another blood test and ultrasound to rule out an ectopic pregnancy, my bleeding has somewhat worsened its not painful like previous ectopic yet I know its not normal it is sudden bleeding

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I would get yourself checked out and explain your history. It is better to be safe and at 6 weeks they will be able to scan you and see where the pregnancy is. Wishing you all the best xx

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Given your past, 100% head to hospital right away. Go to the pregnancy unit at your hospital

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I’ve also experienced an ectopic which resulted in emergency surgery so I know how scary and worrying pregnancy can be. I went on to have 2 successful pregnancies after this, both of which I did experience bleeding but turned out to be fine.

My advice would be get yourself checked out if you can. After my ectopic my pregnancies were treated as high risk and I was given early scans because of this.

The one thing I remember with my ectopic was horrible shoulder pain, which my doctor brushed off as indigestion but it turns out that is a symptom of ectopic.

Are you having any pains or anything? Normally when the blood is brown that is a sign it is just old blood and is safe. I’ve experienced miscarriages and the bleeding was more red period like.


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Hi thank you , i rushed to ER yesterday Wednesday march 15th have to return tomorrow friday morning for another ultrasound and bloodwork , 💔😔 I don't have pain like ectopic but theres is sudden bleeding

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I’m so sorry to hear that. I really hope everything is okay. X

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