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Continuous Cough

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11 month old has just started nursery and got a horrible cold from there. I gave him calpol last week Thursday for a few days as he had puffy eyes and didn’t look well at all.

He still has a really bad cough which is making him puke at times and keeping him up at night. I heard you can only give calpol for a few days. Can I restart it again? What else can I do?

I have tried vicks, the plug ins, humidifier, albas oil and sleeping him at an angle.

6 Replies
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Sorry your lil one is poorly I know that feeling it's horrible when you tried everything. Have you considered taking him to the GP? Maybe he needs to be prescribed something to help him.

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You’re best taking him to the GP to rule out a chest infection. They can be insidious in babies. Nurseries are just utter plague dens at the minute-in the last month we (me, hub, 13mo) have had 2 bouts of gastroenteritis and 1 bout of Strep A in addition to weekly colds. The boy’s been off nearly 50% of the time! It’s the immune debt after COVID so should improve soon and be better next year. He loves nursery and learns lots so overall I don’t regret sending him, but the constant illness is really bloody hard! Xx

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Hi lovely, sorry to hear your little one is not well. My little boy has been the same. It’s definitely worse at night too but agree with the ladies if not been to the GP yet I would definitely go to get his chest checked etc, Once he is is 1 I would recommend Broncostop it definitely helped his cough at the night time. Hope he feels better soon xx

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Sorry to hear your boy is so u well it is very horrible seeing your child unwell 😢 my 3 year old gets everything going ar nursery and so does her 1 year old sister as they share toys bottles etc ( tho u did try to stop them not always possible..)

I would definitely get the GP to check little ones chest over - to be certain it's viral not bacterial infection. The 2 are very hard to tell apart.

It sounds like you are doing everything you can . The only thing I would add ( if you are not already doing) is to take little ones temperature regularly as this indicate whether he has an infection although I know viruses usually come with high temperature too- )my 3 year old still haf high temperature even when taking calpol so that's when I knew to take her to drs- she is completely non verbal so couldn't tell my her throat hurt( her tonsils were massive) and autistic. ) Take him Monday if you can to drs unless you see he has a higher temperature then it's 111. I know 111 aren't the best but given that he is under 5 they should prioritise him.

I hope he feels better too. As another person has already said these viruses are much much stronger due to covid.Xx

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sorry to hear your little one is unwell. We literally had the same thing and it turned out to be tonsillitis. I recommend taking to the gp to get ears nose and throat checked. My little one also developed sinusitis a few weeks back which caused him to have puffy eyes. Either way it sounds like a course of antibiotics should help as this has probably turned from a standard viral infection to a bacterial infection. I would keep going with calpol/nurofen if there’s a fever and you can administer this up to 10 days.

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Ho RKesh,

I definitely concur with the others to take him to the GP to rule out nothing nasty. My little girl who was rarely ever sick started going to nursery and Wham! It’s been one illness after another. Like your little one, she had a cough for weeks and I took her to the GP twice to get her checked over and was told it was just a viral infection. Her coughs sounded nasty and yes they did sometimes impact on her sleep.

The main things I did was get her a pillow- toddler friendly to keep her head elevated, this worked a treat! I also used saline sprays to clear mucous as well as use olbas oil. Also tried to get her drinking as much water as possible to loosen the mucus. This was great advice from the doctor. The main thing though was to just give it time once I knew the cough was not a symptom of something serious.

I hope your little one gets better soon

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