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20 weeks scan and gender

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has anyone experienced this ? At 12 weeks scan midwife said it looks like a boy .and at 20 weeks scan midwife said it’s a girl. I have 2 daughters and 1 son .All my symptoms is same to boy.

6 Replies
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it’s not common for gender to be confirmed at a 12 week scan. 20 weeks is more accurate (although there are of course errors), I would assume it’s a girl. Symptoms don’t really make a difference

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the midwife shouldn’t be saying either way at 12 weeks scan as they can’t tell until 16weeks the later scan should be more accurate xx

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I don’t see how they could know at 12, I’ve never heard anyone had it even mentioned then. 20 is very accurate!

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You could go for a private scan and get a gender scan It's what we did at 20 weeks said a girl then 26 weeks private scan also said a girl and we had a girl 👧

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I would go with what they told you at the 20 week scan.

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20 weeks seems more likely to be accurate

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