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4 year old using a dummy

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My 4 year old has a dummy whenever she wants as it hasn't affected her teeth and it's the comfort she has had over teddies or dolls etc. I had a couple of comments from strangers when out and I thought it was no issue, should I be limiting it for home time, or is it fine to allow her to get rid of it when she is ready?

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Hi 😊 Nhs guidelines is to stop by 12 months or if continuing for a while longer then only at bedtime.

They should not have it in if they are speaking as it can delay speech and parents and other adults should ask them to take it out if they are speaking to them (even if we can work out what they are saying) as that encourages them to remember to stop using it when speaking.

They can’t have it at school so teaching another way to ‘soothe’ in plenty of time before then may be a good idea over the next year x

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She's your child so do what feels best for you and your daughter. My only thing would be to watch out incase it is affecting her speech and that she can cope without it when she starts school as the school won't be able to let her have it as they can't keep it clean or keep an eye on it if she misplaces it.

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