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combine feeding

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so I’m currently 31+4 weeks pregnant and I also have a nearly three he old with my first i breastfed exclusively, I did try to combine feed but he didn’t take to the bottle so just after some advice from anyone who’s had more experience with combine feeding as I’d like to try again with baby #2

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We did combined feeding with my second and I started by my husband giving baby a little bottle of formula in the evening so I could go to bed and leave him down with baby so I could sleep. We find that world really well with our first so started earlier with number two. I think because we just have one feed a day of formula it didn't really affect my supply, rather than doing top ups etc. Good luck with it xx

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hi there I think have a selection of bottles can really help , maybe borrow a few or buy second hand and replace teats to try - my first would only take a nuk where as my second only took mam. I breastfed until 19 months & but if formula with my first and my second I was intending the same but she actually couldn’t latch properly to me , and preferred the bottle so there’s always a chance that it could happen. Both I introduced bottle somewhere by day 7 but only a tiny amount of formula (like 30ml - 60ml ) or expressed for first 6 weeks so I didn’t affect my supply ! My advice is don’t introduce the bottle too late and keep it to one and small amounts early on ! Take care

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My breastfeeding consultant recommended Lansinoh bottles as they mimic the breast best of all, have slower flow and suit combined feeding x

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I combination fed from 5 weeks, initially with expressed milk but with formula from 4 months as I was going back to work. I had read (NHS advice, plus lots of other sources) that you need to let your supply regulate and establish BF before introducing a bottle to reduce confusion and make sure he wouldn't reject the breast. Bottles are much easier apparently, they don't have to work for it!This worked perfectly for my wee one who is now 8 months old and still combination fed. He gets 2 to 3 bottles during the day then I BF in the evenings and at weekends. My supply seems to adjust to fit!

I am never the one to give him a bottle, so as not to confuse matters.

I hope you can get it to work for you, it is such a relief to know someone else can give the baby a feed when needed but still getting the benefits of BF when you can.

We use MAM bottles by the way. We also tried NUK which were fine but we've stuck with MAM.

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Catfluff98 said exactly what I would have. Wish I had known this and would have taken more effort which I didn't as was in c section pain and combi fed from the beginning. My baby has a huge liking for the bottle now. And how much I would like to but cannot go to EBF route.I'd recommend joining local BRAS group and Breastfeeding and lactation UK support group on FB now only. Lots of helpful info on there. Good luck x

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