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15 days late period and negative test

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Hi guys, I went to the clinic with 9 days late period and they did the urine test and it came negative, now I am 13 days late period and still negative. I did the test with clear blue, only the one with the blue lines, I didn’t do yet the one that says “pregnant” it “not pregnant” but I have it. I’m thinking maybe doing it in a few days. I’m not feeling any symptoms also. Anyone had the same problem? Or I don’t know if someone could help, thanks!

11 Replies
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Sounds like you may have missed a period through something other than pregnancy, maybe you've had stress or been sick? I've missed periods when I've been ill before and it's messed up my cycle a bit.

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Summerloveswimming in reply to Seb9

are you on your 40s ? If so it’s possible you might be starting perimenopause

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Seb9 in reply to Summerloveswimming

Thank you, but I'm not the one with the missed period. My cycle is still fine. Perhaps you could answer the original poster, who had the question as I'm not currently experiencing any issues with my cycle.

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Gabimzpt in reply to Summerloveswimming

hi! If the question is for me, no I’m 29 :)

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Gabimzpt in reply to Seb9

Hii! Im actually just leaving my normal life.. no stress and also didn’t get sick. I don’t know, I have appointment 02/25 and they gonna do another test and they said if it’s negative they will start see what I have in 3 MONTHS which for me is bizarre. Lot of time

you’ve just skipped a period. It used to happen to me very infrequently. Hasn’t happened in years now but did occasionally in my late 20s early 30s when I was diagnosed with pcos

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Gabimzpt in reply to Positivechangeplease

ohh. Omg I am worried now

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Gabimzpt in reply to Positivechangeplease

it just happened to me one time, and it was last year when I got pregnant. But I had a miscarriage.

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Positivechangeplease in reply to Gabimzpt

oh I’m so sorry for your miscarriage. Are you trying to get pregnant? Have you tested again as it’s a week later. If you’re trying or not trying, and missed a period there’s nothing to be worried about, the body just does sometimes. I was diagnosed with pcos but please understand I also conceived at the age of 39 and 40. Miscarriage for me also firstly and the second was ivf (but I’d done that previous to falling naturally pregnant) and all the missed periods were when I was younger and random. So don’t worry

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Try using the first urine of the morning as it has the most concentration. It has happened to me too, I was 12 days late and negative pregnancy test but then the week after it was positive. I just had a very late ovulation which meant it was too early to test. Do you monitor or know when you ovulate?

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Gabimzpt in reply to Trinity613

oh that’s interesting! I actually have no idea but I will go to the doctor again on 02/25 so let’s see if it appears negative again.. thanks!

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