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Potty training

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So my 28 month old decided she no longer wants nappies. Great!

When naked bottom half she has no accidents all wees on potty fantastic... add pants and she just wees in them on the potty. She is non verbal so doesn't actually let me know when she wees.

May I add this is only day 4 bit we haven't braved pants out just at home for now

Any help for a lost first time mum???

3 Replies
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When our little one liked using the potty, we just let her use it when she was having nappy free time. In clothes we still put a nappy on until she was more able to tell us she needed to use the potty and we could help take clothes off.When we started putting knickers on we would initiate going on the potty several times an hour, which meant less accidents in knickers and made her realise I guess that she needed to pull pants etc down.

She was verbal though so it was easier for us, does your little one do any signs of makaton that they can use to let you know when they need to go?

We tried not to put any pressure on potty training so just put nappies on when we didn't have time, but always had the potty available.

All kids are different though, my first was dry by 24 months and was always keen to use the potty, my second prefers to go and hide, so I bet we have a totally different different experience this time round. Good luck with it x

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Morning. Seems like your doing really well. Keep nappy off when possible. But use pull ups when your out etc. Just lots of encouragement and praise when she goes on the potty . I just always keep asking if she needs a wee or poo . Or sometimes just sit her on the potty if she hasn't used for a while.

Good luck my little one is 29mths and still has accidents so don't worry x

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Well done to both of you.

4 days is no time. My little boy has taken about 2 months from being able to wee on potty while nappy is off to being able to take his pants down do it himself. We just spent as much time without nappy as possible at home, every week or so tried pants. After a while it just seemed to come. We have a bear who wears pants and uses potty, so if he got put on potty wearing pants it was ‘oh no bear, you forgot to take your pants down now they have we we on them!’ to reinforce the behaviour without actually having to get urine on pants every time.

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