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Mattresses for Newborn

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I’m due to have my first baby late March but may need a c section a few weeks earlier so trying to get things sorted.

My brother and his wife have given us their travel cot and bedside crib as their baby has just turned 6 months so doesn’t need them. I know we can’t use the mattresses and will need new ones but not sure where to get them from?

I’m worried that I’ll get the wrong ones and it won’t be safe!

should I just buy new cots?


4 Replies
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Most cot manufacturers sell them-did you have a look on the specific sites? If not look then up the mattress size for your cots. I found Which? articles really helpful and they actually have reviews of some cot mattresses. I do recommend a Which? subscription for baby stuff! However, as long as a mattress has the right BS rating then it should be safe. Snuz do really good waterproof mattress covers-they don’t wrap around but they are very soft so don’t rustle, but have a totally waterproof inner xx

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Hi. Another thought but you can also use some carrycots as overnight cots. They tend to fit in a moses basket stand. These are very handy to quickly pop a sleeping baby onto pram when going out. Might work if having baby downstairs during the day?

Personally I would avoid a travel cot post c-section unless you have the mattress higher?

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I would just make sure you know the make and model of the cot so you can be sure the the mattress you are buying is the right size. Most bedside cot brands have their own mattresses so if you get one of those and know the model to make sure it fits it would be as safe as buying a brand new cot and mattress combo. I bought two new mattresses for my baby daughter as I was borrowing a chicco next to me from a friend and re-using a snuz pod which we had used with my son.

Hope you get it sorted know how stressful it can be/worrying about safe sleep. X

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Thanks everyone! I emailed the company and they sent me the link to the mattress I need! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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