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Baby Names

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I'm nearly 4 months pregnant with my second baby and we just don't like any names so far. What should we name our baby?

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Do you have any films or books with any characters you can use the names of?I've got two girls and both their names have been strong female characters in books that I've loved ❤️

Although I didn't realise that I'd be the one they'd use their strong will against half the time 😂😂

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Mancmummy in reply to Seb9

😅 We have a daughter called Lyra Rose Emmeline, finding girls names easier than boys but still none that we both love!

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No way! My daughter is Lyra Elizabeth 😁

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We also couldn't find any boys names, I really loved Douglas but my husband wasn't sold on it and I hated every boys name we came up with. Good luck with it x

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we put post it notes in the back of one of our doors, ‘maybes’ that we both liked in the middle of the door and then had a think (over the space of about a month) talked about them, tried to say them out loud with our surname, tried to think of things they rhymed with or other ways to make them a nickname that might get bullied etc, what the initials spelled, but mainly did it sound like our child’s name. We both got 3 ‘vetos’ of ones we really didn’t like. We slowly started to move names to the bottom of the door ‘no pile’ and then we were both just eating dinner one day looking at the door and both said the one we wanted for a girl and it was the same name and same middle name and that was it, we were so certain! Boys name we still had 2 when I went into Labour so we were going to do both names but didn’t know which would be first and middle name. So we were hoping it was a girl as we were certain on that. Of course we had a boy 🤣 but as soon as we saw him we knew which way round to name him!

Hope that helps! Take your time you have lots and lots of time left 🤗🥰

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We had a list of possible boy names but couldn’t find a single girl’s name that we both liked, until one day not long after watching the Commonwealth games we both said the same girl’s name (one of the athletes) which was a bit more unusual and we both loved, and that was it sorted really. You will find something that works for you!

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There's an app called 'babyname' that you can both download it's basically like tinder for baby names where you can see each others matches. Friends have found it super helpful! X

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