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Hemorrhoid nightmares (fun topic!)

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Hi all,

So, the hemorrhoids saga post partum continues. I was really constipated during pregnancy (weren't we all?!) but managed ok with prunes, stool softeners etc. Developed some hemorrhoids over the months but very little and not painful. Then during my c section I developed a MASSIVE Thrombosed hemorrhoid. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Firs time mum, had my miracle baby after years of misery, and spent the first 6 weeks distracted by the ferocious pain instead of focusing 100% on my baby. Genuine nightmare. This thing was the size of a wallnut and incredibly painful. Went to a&e. It even shocked the doctors. Anyway, long story short, they told me to bear it as it would go away. It did. But a tiny bit of it was left behind. It stopped hurting completely though so I stopped caring. The whole things looks like roadkill (the old hemorrhoids turned into skin tags as well as one tiny now permanent non painful external hemorrhoid ) but I didn't care as long as it didn't hurt. Fast forward a few months and my referral to a general surgeon to discuss came through. He recommended rubber banding for the internal hemorrhoids, which, after another few months I had done last week. Very uncomfortable first 3 days but no big deal in the grand scheme of things. I'm sore, and I can feel a painful external hemorrhoid again. I think the internal ones drop off after 7-10days so maybe that's the soreness I'm feeling now.

This is so miserable. In the decade I've been wanting and trying for a baby and preparing for all this, to have my dream come true tainted by all this 💩 is so annoying.

So I'm just wondering, has anyone had a similar journey?

Did rubber banding work?

Will my sphincter look absolutely disgusting forever and ever?

Are there any medications or home remedies that will work? Anusol is useless. Instillagel is excellent for a flare up but it numbs, it doesn't cure. I've also used a steroid cream and suppositories but I can't remember the name. Also useless.

I've increased both water and fibre and often use stool softeners so I've been regular for a year but it's changed absolutely nothing.

Nobody actually talks about this stuff and you can't exactly bring it up with new mums you meet.

Dump (sorry!) your thoughts or experiences below ❤️

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