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Degenerative fibroid

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Hi, at 28 weeks pregnant I’ve now ended up in hospital for almost a week with what has turned out to be a degenerative fibroid. Im on lots of medication including morphine but won’t be allowed home until I can cope without morphine. I tried to go a whole day without yesterday and ended up needing it at 1am to sleep. My question is has anyone else had this (I didn’t even know I had a fibroid despite 6 IVF egg collections over the last 8 years) and how long did it take to be able to leave hospital with only needing codeine and paracetamol? Also, has anyone had this and also gone on to have a c-section? Wondering how the pain of both compares? This has been so excruciating at its worse that I couldn’t move at all without flinching in agony and the pain has lasted quite a few days with the pain killers taking a while to make a real difference- I’m worried the c section recovery will be just as painful and immobilising I’ll also have a baby to look after?!

2 Replies
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Hey, sounds like you have had a really rough time, I don't have any experience with what you're going through, but didn't want to read and run, hopefully this might bump your post a bit and someone might be able to respond who has more experience.

Good luck with it all x 🍀 x

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Hi, sorry I too don't have a definitive answer for you. I had been told during ivf that I had a fibroid (had been through hysteroscopy around 6 months before ivf for bening polyps but there were no fibroid). It was monitored from 20 weeks scan onwards but wasn't in the way of birth passage they said so weren't concerned. I had been induced which failed and went for emergency c section. My recovery wasn't good, had issues bonding with the baby, struggled a lot to breastfeed resulting into introducing formula. It was quite painful for first 2 weeks and I was taking pain killers for almost 5 weeks - ofcourse reduced dose gradually. 7 weeks pp now but still have to painkiller once in a week.My friend also had induction and emergency c section but her recovery was fast tracked by the hospital due to other medical issues she had to be treated for after birth. She was better in a week what I was at 5 weeks. May be because she had good support around from family and friends, all of which I and my husband have been tackling alone.

I hope it's like my friend for you! Hope you have enough strength and support around. They always say planned section is far better than emergency in every sense

Good luck xx

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