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nighttime nappy recommendations

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My little one has always been in Aldi nappies (now 4.5 months old). We have rarely had an issue with leakage, but since upping his milk to 7oz per feeding, he has leaked through his Sleepsuit, sleepbag and onto his cot sheet every night.

I bought pampers baby dry yesterday, full of high hopes, but once again he has leaked through .

does anyone have any recommendations on nighttime nappies? He’s a size 3, so would not yet fit into pampers nighttime. We also don’t live near a Sainsbury’s or Morrisons (if their ranges are recommended)

thanks in advance!

23 Replies
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We started putting our LB in pull ups quite young as he went to bed with a full tummy and then as the night went on this obviously became less full so nappies became loose whereas pull ups stay around his tummy. He's now 9.5 months and started leaking through about a month ago (when we started 3 meals) my friend suggested double nappies so we now put a nappy (Tesco) over the top of a pull up. I've also read recommendations about putting one nappy on the right way around and the other so it's done up against the baby's back if they like to move in the night. It's all trial and error but the pull up and nappy are working for us at the moment

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hello bello by far we’ve found the best for nights. Find them in Asda they are more expensive but so worth it! They do pull ups too from size 4.

Also size up in bedroom nappie xx

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CJohns in reply to Fudge1980

going to try sizing up tonight 🤞🏻 thank you x

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Every time this happened with either of mine I went a size up. I ignore the kg range on the packs and at this age I would say size 4 is not uncommon.

I recently tried the Tesco’s own-brand Rascals nappies and I was quite impressed especially for nighttime.

You might also find that as your baby grows out of nighttime feeds, they will stay dryer.

I tried pull ups at this age and I didn’t find them convenient at all to change, especially in the middle of the night. They are great when they get older and wrigglier at nappy changing, because they can be changed standing up.

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LM87 in reply to Bigblueskies

yes definitely agree with sizing up and don’t bother with weight guide… 🫣

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Purpledoggy in reply to Bigblueskies

Also agree with sizing up. No probs with urine but size 3 did not contain his poos when he was under the middle of the size 3, so he was in size 4 at 7.5kg and we’re about to size to 5 at 9.5kg. Xx

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CJohns in reply to Purpledoggy

Oh brilliant, that was going to be my next question as he was 7.02kg about 10 days ago, so he’s on the smaller side of the size 3 nappy bracket! I’ve got a free packet of size 4 pampers, so I’ll give them a go tonight 🤞🏻. Thank you x

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CJohns in reply to Bigblueskies

He hasn’t had nighttime feeds for over a month 🥴, it just seems to be that the move from 6oz to 7oz before bed means that the nappies can’t take the extra liquid, and I dare not wake him in the night to change his nappy 🥲! Going to size up tonight 🤞🏻 x

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My 5 month old is still in size 2 during the day and I use Aldi nappies. I was using Aldi size 3s over night but kept having leakages as she’s in them for 12-13 hours. I recently changed to Asda size 3 over night and we haven’t had a leakage since. Once they get a bit bigger you can use the plus sizes or the nappy pants.

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Hi we found only pampers active fit worked for us or pampers new baby which I think goes up to a size 3 then we moved on to active fit Pampers.

Now that she is older we use Fred and Flow in the day but not when she was younger. As all the other cheaper brands 100% leaked for us. I’ve tried them all for our little one. It also doesn’t keep her as dry. So we apply alot of barrier cream in the day when using Fred and Flow.

For us there is no comparison to pampers active fit (purple packed) or pampers new baby for nighttime or for when we are out and about.

Pamper dry aren’t as good as the New baby or active fit nappies.

Good luck and I hope this was helpful.

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CJohns in reply to LM87

I’ve got a free pack of active fit size 4, so I’m going to combine your recommendation and others to ‘size up’. Let’s hope for a dry night tonight 🤞🏻. Thank you x

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LM87 in reply to CJohns

good luck xx I hope tonight is a better night.

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I was also having the same problem with the baby dry pampers but since changing to the active fit pull ups we have had a lot less leakage, but the challenge is that they only come in size 4 upwards.

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CJohns in reply to shell23

I’m just glad I only bought the baby dry ones on an offer 🤣. What a waste of money.

I’ve got a free pack of active fit size 4, so I’m going to try them tonight! X

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LM87 in reply to shell23

So the smaller size which is identical to the active nappies is the New Baby pampers nappies, the yellow boxes. The active nappies are brilliant but they are more when when they become more active from size 4 upwards. Normally around 8months or so I believe. Dry pampers are just the competition to the likes of the Aldi, Fred and flow ect. Good luck x

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reusabelles night time nappies and a breeZe wrap. they are reusabelle and bomb proof xxx

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size up for nighttime and using pull ups instead of tabs worked for us (pampers or Huggies) we had to ditch the supermarket brands at that point too many leaks. Ps if you have Amazon you can get a Morrisons order delivered by them (even if it’s nowhere near you) if you did want to try there’s or shop there 😊

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We’re using Naty, a bit expensive but good quality though. they made for babies who starting to sleep on their tummy so front part has thick padding high up to the very edges of nappies. But also work well with babies sleeping on their back. My baby is on size 4 since we use this brand there was no more leaks even when she sleep through the night. We have tried Pampers - no good at all. Boost also really good the price also realistic, not as soft as Naty. Hope this helps

We found it's just trial and error, some brands just weren't the right shape at various times so we ended up moving around brands quite a bit. Also we sized up when the consistently leaked in different brands. Feels a bit like you just get something to work and they grow and it all changes again!

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I use Kit & Kin, I know they’re a bit more expensive but keep my 3 month old baby dry and we don’t get any leakage! I have never had to use any barrier cream for rashes and they are great even for those poo explosions. But I would definitely try to size up before spending more money on nappies.

we found pampers baby dry the worst compared to normal pampers which are fine. We took a tip to size up for night time. So if in a size 3 (as ours is now) she wears a size 4 for the night. Any size 4s seem to be good but especially the rascal ones from Tesco. She’s particularly dry after a whole night of wearing them and it’s very full. It did leak out the top one night but not before or since and I think it was particularly leaky. And we never change her. However a friend of mine said that her little boy has a habit of it going out of the side (different than for girls) so she has moved to pull ups and found them better.

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Have you checked that babies night clothes aren't causing compression leaks? I've found that sometimes if a vest is too tight it can squeeze the nappy. If the nappy is not soaked through perhaps sizing up a vest might help. We use reusable nappies, which although not for everyone, there's some great options for increasing absorbancy with a hemp booster, these can be put into a normal disposable nappy to give a bit extra absorbancy without using full reusable system.

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Thanks for all your suggestions. The size 4 active pull-ups worked a treat last night - no leaks!!

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