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Using steroid cream for eczema during pregnancy, okay or not okay?

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My doctor prescribed me a low dose steroid cream (betamethasone valerate 0.025%) for a flare up of eczema on my hands and forehead.

I used it for about five days a few weeks ago and now I’m starting again as my eczema is back.

But of course a quick google search tells me all sorts of doom and gloom and how it’ll negatively impact the baby and I have myself panicked.

I’m guessing considering it was prescribed for me it can’t be that bad but would love to know if anyone has experience here and can put my mind at ease?

I’m 28 weeks.

Thank you! X

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I have psoriasis and have used topical steroid creams through my first pregnancy and now my second. Stronger ones than you have been prescribed as well with zero issues. When I brought up the issue with my doctor in my first pregnancy she basically said there wasn’t a lot of data of their use in pregnancy but that oral steroids are considered safe in pregnancy and with a topical steroid there’s less in your system. She also said about risk vs benefit, yes there may be a small risk of something happening but for me the risk of not using them, having a bad flare up and getting a nasty skin infection is not only more likely but also would be more harmful to baby.

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Brandi1234 in reply to Ks12

thanks so much, that’s really put my mind at ease! X

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I would trust your doctor rather than the internet xx

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