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Period or implantation bleeding

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My period should have come on 23rd November but it did not. I took 3 tests, once per week until now and all were negative. Since last week i started spotting, firstly light brown, dark brown and now it almost red. I usually have heavy irregular periods. I don't know if it's just a lighter period or implantation bleeding and i am scared

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If you've been having unprotected sex since November, then you could have become pregnant especially if you have irregular periods, if all your pregnancy tests are coming back negative though it's unlikely to be pregnancy causing your issues. You're probably better off speaking to your doctor and getting checked over.

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anana5 in reply to Seb9

I just took another test today, also negative. Thank you for your answer

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If the tests are negative and you're bleeding, it's most likely to be your period

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Have you spoken to your GP about your heavy and irregular periods? It might be worth doing especially if you are trying to conceive. It might be a sign of a thyroid problem or PCOS or something else entirely, when I was severely anaemic my periods became incredibly irregular. It sounds unlikely that you are pregnant unfortunately but I would definitely get a GP appt to see if there is any underlying cause

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