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i need answers

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so I found out I am pregnant with my first child and when I am at work I feel like my health is at risk most days. So I work in a deli at a store and sometimes it gets so busy that I sometimes forget to slow my pace and what I am doing. One day I was busy all day long and wanted to take a break after working about 5 hours without one. But every time I tried to leave the deli to use the bathroom everyone was telling me what to do and that I couldn't leave the deli just yet because there weren't enough people in the deli at that time and every time I tried to tell them I need to eat something so I won't feel sick and puke, they just blow it off and walk away but somehow they had the right to leave the deli whenever they wanted to. but I couldn't because when I did, my manager got mad at me for leaving for a break during a rush. and I told her, I had to eat and sit down before I passed out or puke and she acted like it was my fault there was a rush. so should I go to the big boss over this or not say anything?

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You might need to find a forum or group that are based in the states, the NCT is based in the UK and we have different laws and rules for pregnant workers.If you have a HR department, you could speak to them about your pregnancy and all them to look at adapting your work or breaks to accommodate you.

You might need to search online for the rules in your state as I think they can differ between states, but there might be laws in place for your protection.

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I’m based in the UK and agree with the other responder below.

I would suggest googling what your rights are and before going over your managers head could you formally email your manager, mentioning that you’re pregnant (even if she knows already) and explain that it can be difficult to be on your feet for extended periods and you will need to take a short break every x hours (depending how long your shift is). This way you are raising the issue formally and it will be logged because it’s on email so she will be accountable. She then will have to reply with (hopefully) a solution. If it gets ignored then it’s probably time to take it a level further. If you’re working for a chain they might have policies in place that you can request from HR department.

Then if that fails I’d go up a level. I’d get moving on this quickly as you need to allow a day or so for people to respond.

Best of luck!

RT x

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I definitely think you should take it higher to the big boss. You need a break for sure

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so far, my coworkers in the deli are acting like I am a burden now, and not a person. I have talked to my store manger to change areas to work but nothing yet. So far other coworkers are saying stuff behind my back and giving me dirty looks, like I am not allowed to get pregnant, Its getting to the point Im looking for another job.

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Oh dear that such a shame you're going through that. I think contact HR because they should be able to put things in place to make your work situation safer.

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I lost my baby three days ago.

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Awww that is such a shame. I'm sorry to hear this. Take time to rest 🧡❤.

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