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First scan

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hi everyone I am new here and was just after some advice.

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and have been classed as high risk due previous complications which resulted in miscarriage. I had my booking appointment with the midwife 2 weeks ago who said I would receive a letter for my scan appointment and to see a consultant (maybe separate days with it being so close to my 12 weeks). I haven’t received anything yet and the 12 week is already causing me anxiety and stress. What do I do? Do I chase my midwife?

Thank you for any advice

4 Replies
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It can't hurt to give them a ring, they can chase up the appointment for you or tell you who to contact to check your scan dates. I think the 12 weeks is just an average as you can have them up to 14 weeks. Good luck with your pregnancy x

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I'd definitely call. The strikes of Royal Mail and large volume of post before Christmas caused really long delays. I'm sure your midwife won't mind finding out when your scan is.

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I’d call wherever your scan is being done and ask them. Here we ring up and book it ourselves. And ask the midwife about the consultant x

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thank you for your advice I phoned the hospital where my scan is and they said my notes said wait till new year for the scan so wasn’t booked in yet. They have brought it forward for me once I explained the situation and my anxiety. They were so nice and even said if I ever feel like that again to just give them a call rather than my midwife. Got my scan on Christmas Eve. Can’t wait to make sure everything is ok and hopefully be able to relax over Christmas

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