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thyroid symptoms but not found in tests, possible???

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hello everyone.

i have severe hair fall from a year.

i have often wake up shivering from cold.

Sleep too much but not fresh. Like i am always tired.

I have never been a lazy person. Even i cant sit a place more than 15,20 minutes.

but now i sleep and wake up tired.

I go to room and totally blank why i cane here?

migraine and headache is permanent. Mood swings are pathetic.

I got tests in January and the tests were clear. Now i get my periods after 15 days. And then tested again. And again just nothing. I am frustrated now. What do i do with the reports in which i am “healthy “ if i am not? Everyone is thinking that these all things are fictitious and there is nothing. I am already so done with my life. When i got a little hope that maybe i will get tested and get medicine and i will be fine. But doctor said you should be thankful that your reports are normal. Please help me if someone knows about it. Symptoms are so strong but the reports are ok. What do i do?

9 Replies
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hi lovely, sorry you’re not feeling well. What tests did they run? You can have Thyroid issues even within normal range for T4 and TSH, my hashimotos was detected as a result of running a thyroid antibodies test. They then put me on thyroxine and I felt a lot better. Did they do your antibodies? I would ask for it if not.

Gluten free/dairy free also helps if it is a Thyroid issue.

Take care x

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Shamoon in reply to NatsB22

Thank you so much for your kind words. At least someone understands me 🥹 this is the report. Should i do antibodies test?

Test repo
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Ask for a referral to an endocrinologist. Their thyroid parameters for “normal” are different as they treat you for “optimal”. They also can run full hormone tests and check other things which give similar symptoms (pernicious anaemia, folic acid anaemia etc). Definitely the best course of action.

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You obviously have a sick thyroid. Could be "Hoshimoto" I'm sorry to say but you'll be fine on the NHS as long as you don't get checked out for a thyroid test or spend your money and go private. You need to go to an endocrinologist to help you. Tests that need to be done are TSH, FT4, FT3, anti-TG, anti-TPO. I am writing this from my own experience. The disease was diagnosed by a doctor in a Polish clinic, since then it has been much better, but you have to take medication.

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Shamoon in reply to Julita757

thank you so much for this help dear. God bless you

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Do you mind me asking how old you are? These symptoms can be due to thyroid insufficiency but can also be other hormonal problems including menopause. Only way to know is to see an endocrinologist. Your GP should refer you xx

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Shamoon in reply to Purpledoggy

Thank you so much for your help dear. I am 42 Before this my periods were regular with all those symptoms. But now everything is getting worst. Irregular periods with heavy bleeding. Heartbeat getting improper sometimes. Like fast and sometimes it looks like i have 2 hearts and they beat different time. Feeling cold. Sleepy, tired, depressed, flacky scalp, migraine and headache, weight gain, constipation on and off, nowadays fever every time too. I forget little things like entering the room and thinking why i got to? I am sorry I talked too much 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Purpledoggy in reply to Shamoon

So sorry you are feeling like this, I hope you get some answers soon xx

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Shamoon in reply to Purpledoggy

I don’t have enough words to say you thanks ❤️❤️ Stay blessed love ❤️

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