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one positive clear blue test and 3 negative

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hi, Looking for some advice. Took this clear blue test and looked like a positive to me, I took 3 tests after this in the space of 24 hours and the rest came back negative including the one I took first thing in the morning. Can this happen with a few negatives after receiving a positive or does this seem like a false positive? Appreciate any advice :)

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That’s so strange as it does look positive but these tests are the worst they always confuse me either way! I think the only way you will know for sure is taking a different kind of test I would recommend a first response early response test if you can or any other pink dye one as you dont get false positives with those so you can be fairly confident in the result xx

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Depending on how many weeks pregnant you are or if you've missed your period, your hormone levels may vary through the day if your taking several tests a day.The most reliable test will be one taking first thing with your first wee of the day, because the hormone will have built up over night.

I would take another test and pink dye as they're more reliable as no indentation line or dye run with those or use a digital one.

It's unlikely to be a false positive as the hormone needs to be there to trigger the test. If you've taken the test correctly and read it within the time frame it looks positive.

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thank you for your advice, if it is a correct positive I do believe that it would be very early on possibly 1-3 weeks so I will take a digital clear blue as I think these may be accurate?

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You would normally only start getting positives about 10-14 days after ovulation and probably only from your morning wee as the hormone would still be very low, although it will double daily so the further along you are the more likely to have a positive test with any sample. You date your pregnancy from the first day of your last period, so if your tested the day your period was due, you would count it as being around 4/5 weeks pregnant, good luck x

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thanks so much! Appreciate it x

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