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Question about whooping cough vaccine

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Hi All,

I am currently 20 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to take whooping cough vaccine?

Also, I wanted to know if this vaccine is safe for people of different ethnicity?(Example:Asian). I have read on NHS site that whooping cough vaccine is not currently recommended in some countries during pregnancy so suggestions from people from different ethnic backgrounds who had taken it during pregnancy would be very helpful! Thanks

7 Replies
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The whooping cough vaccine is very safe, I couldn't see any where in the NHS site that they don't give it to any certain ethnicity so can't comment on that. I've had it with both my pregnancies and would not even have known I'd had it, no side effects at all x

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I didn't get my country is not recommended...I mean you can get it but is not really recommended to get any vaccine during pregnancy in my country...

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I don't know anyone in the UK who hasn't had this when pregnant and I know of no one with complications. This is the vaccine that crosses the placenta so it is to protect your baby in their first few weeks from a potentially really harmful virus. It’s been on the go for a long time so you will find lots of data and studies on it to make your own decision though as anyone on here can only give you their own anecdotal experience xx

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I had it and there were no side effects for me or my baby.

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Hi Asvi,

I am Black African and currently have a beautiful 6 month old daughter. Whilst I was pregnant, I was recommended a flu and whooping cough vaccine which I had. I also had a Covid booster in my last trimester. I had no side effects and my daughter is very healthy.

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The vaccine is recommended in pregnancy because whooping cough is on the rise in the UK and it can be fatal in small children. The vaccine does not cross the placenta but the antibodies you make do, providing your baby with protection immediately after birth. The vaccine has loads of safety data in pregnancy and is infintely safer for the baby than contracting whooping cough after birth and before they have their first jabs, at which time they then develop their own immunity. I had it (as well as the 'flu jab and 3 COVID vaccines) xx

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i just had the vaccine on friday so 2 days ago, i feel completely fine no side effects at all! remember, it’s for baby not for you

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