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EPU assessment.

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Hi. I am 10 weeks pregnant. This week I have had on and off spotting and the midwife referred me to EPU. They are going to assess me tomorrow? How is their assessment? Is it painful? Any experiences?

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Hi, I imagine they will do a scan (probably abdominal as you’re 10 weeks but maybe internal). They may also check your HCG levels by a blood test. So nothing painful. Wishing you lots of luck

I had a bleed and spotting at 12wks and 16wks. They did a exam like a smear with the speculum then an internal scan for 12wks (I think) and abdomen scan at the 16wk one. Took a urine and blood sample. For me they couldn’t find any reason. Good luck x

I’ve had to go to the EPU in three pregnancies due to bleeding. Each time they just did an ultrasound. Depending on what that shows they may want to do more tests like others have said. Try not to worry, there are a lot of harmless reasons for spotting.

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