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9 month old SCREAMING at night and no longer sleeping?

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My DD has been sleeping through the night from 6 months until she hit 9 months old.

At the moment she is waking up at about midnight screaming. Cannot console her for a good hour and she’ll stay awake then for a good 3/4 hours - goes back to sleep and then we repeat the process again and it’s breaking me! I’m getting on average 2 hours sleep a night at the moment.

Nothing in the routine has changed. I’ve tried reducing nap times in the day. No naps at all in the day etc and nothing changes the outcome at night.

I called health visitor who said “no idea, you’ve tried everything. Let’s weigh her…” 🤷🏼‍♀️ So I’m waiting for that next week.

She’s not teething. No teeth at all yet. Calpol doesn’t help either. Nor does she want a feed when she wakes

Anyone else had that or any suggestion or when this is likely to change?

Thanks for reading x

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Hello, I could have written the same thing about my little boy - from about 7.5-8.5 months he would wake up at night and just cry / stay up for two hours and then go to sleep. It was horrendous. There is a sleep regression that occurs between 7-10 months related to transitioning to two naps, teething, separation anxiety…basically everything 😩

It was just a phase that we (unfortunately) had to go through but thankfully the last week he has started sleeping through again. So unfortunately no tips but very very normal and you are not alone!

Obviously up to you with the day naps but once he got comfortable in a two nap routine (first one was an hour, second about 90min - this was what works for us anyway) it helped him to not be overtired for bedtime which I think also caused the night wakings.

It will pass though - in the mean time, lots of coffee and don’t worry about keeping on top of the housework during this time xxx

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Thanks so much for your reply!So it lasted about 4 weeks? We have just started week 3! Lol! It one of those, when your in it there doesn’t seem to be a end in sight. Xx

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Aww you’re welcome! Yes just over 4 weeks for us - the last was the worst because it was every single night. He was also learning to crawl in this time too (started properly when he turned 8 months) and I’m sure that had something to do with it too. I definitely felt like it wouldn’t end but it will (and I’m sure In another 5 months there will be something similar again 😂😩) xxx

My daughter went through a bad patch around 7-10 months, it’s separation anxiety, teething etc. we would have a bad 3 weeks of it then would be good then bad again, the amount of hours I slept with her laying on me in the rocking chair.

She just wanted to be on us the whole time of a night, as soon as we put her down to bed, we might of managed an hour, but otherwise, I was on the rocking chair with her laying on me.

It is very hard and difficult, but they do grow out of it and it just a stage. My daughter is now 3 and I miss her laying on me asleep

It could be night terrors. They're processing daily events, growing pains, teething, tummy pain z dint give her cheese on evenings

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