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Loss of pregnancy symptoms

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This is my second pregnancy and 7w + 5, I’ve been suffering with bad nausea and sickness throughout the last week and this morning I’ve woken up with no symptoms, including boobs not being very sore. Is this something I should be worried about? Any advice is welcome, I can’t help but worry today x

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It’s perfectly normal for symptoms to disappear, it doesn’t really indicate any problems. You might have days where you feel perfectly normal and other days symptoms come back with vengeance. Just enjoy the days you feel good xx

This is exactly what happened to me at 9 weeks. All my symptoms vanished and I was worried. But like the person before me said, it is very normal for the nausea to just go round about this time. It's hard not to worry but just try and enjoy the break

Try not to worry about that (I know its hard to do) but I overthought every symptom or lack of symptom in my first trimester and everything worked out fine. My little boy is 9 weeks old now xxx

As others have said it is perfectly normal. I had the same thing really bad nausea, sickness etc then woke up one morning with nothing (I will add 3 days later I did go on to have a miscarriage).

Thank you all for your replies! I did get a private scan yesterday as something just felt a little off and I have had a miscarriage but thank you to you all for replying xxx

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I’m so sorry for your loss, sending big hugs xx

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Oh no, so sorry about this. ❤

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