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Is my pregnancy test actually positive?

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So I took this pregnancy test and it has a very faint positive line and I'm sure it's not an evaporation line because it appeared within 5 minutes of taking the test but the line isn't that dark its very faint so i don't know if it's a positive or not. So here's a picture the positive line seems to have faded a bit which is weird but I took the pregnancy test apart so that might be why but I have been constipated for the past 2 weeks and I've been peeing a lot and eating a lot too but is this a positive?

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I can't really see a second line, have you missed your period yet? Maybe what till you're due on and test again, you'll get a clearer result then.

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I had got what I thought was my period last month but it was weird because normally my periods are very heavy and dark read and 6-7 days this was light bright red and on 3 or 4 days I dont know

Looks like a positive test to me. I'm on my second pregnancy and with both I was awful at waiting till after I missed my period so have stared at plenty of very faint positive lines that later get stronger. Just wait a few days and then do another and that should help cement the result.

I think I am because I have been having symptoms like constipation and I've been emotional I think I've cried every day for a week but that could also be because my boyfriend just went back home and we are long distance now, but I have been eating a lot and peeing a lot too and I am starting to get veiny breasts which I think are all early pregnancy symptoms but I'm not too sure.

What dpo are you? Depends upon type of tests but some can show up faint till 15 16 dpo. I would say wait till then and then retest with a first response. If it comes this faint or no line then move on. The symptoms you mentioned can be PMS too. Either way drink plenty of water and fibrous food to help with constipation. Early pregnancy symptoms rarely start taking on before 5 6 weeks.Foremost is don't worry. Don't waste money on tests, they will more be needed to keep sane till you see a dye stealer.

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I had got some cramps both times just after 4 weeks so that might be a sign but that happens at or after missed period. People say it's similar to period cramp but I felt they were slightly different from my period cramps

I am 7 days past dpo

Well 7 days dpo

Maybe buy a first response and test again in a day or two

I'd take that as a negative test and get a digital one

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