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Vaginal delivery or c-section age 35

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Hlo all

Only one and half month is left for my due date.. Need your suggestions. I am 35 yrs old and this is my first pregnancy..

Is it safe to deliver vaginally for me at this age??.

All my reports are normal.

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I had both by children vaginally at 37 and 39 with no issues. If you're not given any medical reason such as baby being breech etc. There's no reason to think that you wouldn't be able to have a vaginal birth, so really it's up to your preference. A C section isn't an easy option, it's major surgery with its own risks and normally has a longer recovery time, so it was personally my last preferred method.

It might be a good idea for you to talk to your midwife and get their experience and advice.

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Tanq soo much... Could you please advice and give me some tips that will help to ease my delivery vaginally... What I can do to make my body flexible and increase the strength and stamina power...

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All births are different, what helped me might not work for you. I used perineum oil in the month leading up to birth and massaged that everyday.

I listened to a hypnobirthing book and affirmations, I felt it help me keep calm and advocate for my own journey.

I took what pain relief I felt I needed and I listened to my midwife when it came to pushing and pushing techniques.

Good luck x

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Tanq soo much dear

I have just had a natural birth at 41 and everything went really well. The good thing about vaginal births is if there are no complications you can be up and about minutes after delivery. Having said that if I had been advised to have a C-section I would have considered it. Every birth is different. Good luck with whatever you decide

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Tanq sooo much dear... I am keeping myself very active... Rest everything is in God's hands..

I was a week away from turning 35 when number 3 was born in our local midwife led unit. If your a low risk then there’s no reason you can’t try for a vaginal birth x

Tanq dear... I will go for it..

I had a vaginal delivery at 35 too. I have lived to tell the tale. I wouldn't have a c section next time, I think next time I will try and prepare my perineum by massaging oils into it. I heard it helps. Go for it 💪

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Tanq soo much dear

I did at nearly 37. Look up Spinning Babies (the daily activities, most of them are for free on the website) and you can do perineal massage. I also love Bridget Tayler's YouTube channel with lots of free and excellent advice to breathe and relax and be in the best mindset for birth. Also make sure you have discussed your preferences and written a birth plan in case things don't go as planned. It's gonna be ok, best wishes to you!

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Tanq soo much dear

Another perspective here but I chose a c section. Given the state of the NHS and everything that can go wrong with a vaginal delivery I did not want to risk :

a. Being told to stay home for hours (sometimes days!) after my waters breaking and awaiting the big contractions on my own only to then rush to the hospital. This gave me too much anxiety.

b. The lottery of being assisted by whoever is on shift that day or night in the hospital. Again, see state of the NHS.

c. Most of all, the risk of the baby being deprived of oxygen during a difficult vaginal delivery. It can all go wrong in a minute or two. This happens all the time to the extent that a third of vaginal deliveries end up in emergency c sections.

d. Following on from the above, going through an exhausting 24 or 48hr labour only to then have surgery anyway but emergency c sections are far more dangerous than elective c sections.

e. Perineal rip. I know women who poo through their vaginas. No further comment. Forceps were also a big no no. As I'm sure there are women out there whose c section wounds get infected etc It all depends what you're comfortable tolerating.

As others have said, c sections are no joke. There is a LOT of pain when trying to stand up and walking around in the 48hrs afterwards. And you are not super mobile for a week after and can't exercise for 6 weeks after (but who on earth wants to after having a baby?!?!) But I personally felt that they're overall safer for the baby so I took the hit. A vaginal delivery with no issues to child and mother is the holy grail but given all the variables and risks I chose a c section and would do it again (despite the pain!).

Yes.. I do agree with you.. Both has some advantage and disadvantage...I am leaving everything to God..

Of course it is! Vaginal birthday has less risks than c-section


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