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Could this be an early pregnancy?

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I had unprotected sex with my husband on 6/9/11/16/17 May as per the screenshot from my flow app. I finished my period on 3 May and took a test on 17 May at about 10am and got two lines, one of them being as dark as a sharpie and the other very faint pink (photo attached but couldn’t capture the pink in the photo) in the result window. At about 9pm tonight I took another test (19 May) and the test came back with one line and no faint pink line…… could this mean I’m not pregnant? I’ve had a chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage or could this had been an evaporation line or false positive result?

I might also add. I had a coughing fit the other day at about mid day which ended in me throwing up, but I had also consumed some alcohol the night before and the day before that at night I threw up all my dinner but that’s because I think I psyched myself out thinking there was a hair in the back of my throat so this all could be unrelated. I do also have very sensitive tender nipples especially my right one and I feel bloated and hot (heat wise)?

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Flow App screenshot

Flow app screenshot

I can’t work out from that when your predicted ovulation is. Lots of women’s ovulation dates are scattered sometimes but if you go by 14 days since the last period that’s only two days before you tested. Nothing clear would have showed up so early. It’s also way to early to be getting symptoms. Symptoms might (might) start around a week after conception. But actually I don’t know when your period started so the dates I gave above aren’t accurate either. What’s your suspected ovulation date? As Seb9 says you’ll have to wait until your missed period date to test.

There's no dye in the line, so I would say it's an indentation line rather than a positive test, if your period is not due until the beginning of June it would be very early for any test to come back positive. I would test again when / if you miss your period for proper confirmation.

Way too early. Test when your period is due.

Hi Renee, it looks like a faint positive. It might be your urine was diluted as you took it at night. Test again in the morning

I'm also trying to conceive. What do you think? Looks faint but I see blue faint line

Clear blue pregnancy test

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