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Toddler help

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Morning everyone

So my 21 month old is ridiculously hyper. Some of it is over tiredness (very poor sleeper) and possible ADHD. We are in talks with GP for both of these.

The main thing currently is what to do with him. Especially of a early morning where it’s waaaay too early to let him outside or take him out.

During the day he goes to the park and goes on walks and plays in our garden. He has no interest in toys. Which is fine but first thing in the morning he is a tornado destroying the house which doesn’t really bother me but the walls are super thin and the neighbours can hear everything.

We’ve had a little climbing frame inside for him and mini trampoline but doesn’t really care for them. We’ve tried to encourage calmer activities but again doesn’t care. He wakes up our 5 year old way too early and everyone is miserable.

What activities etc or games or equipment would anyone suggest?


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What a about duplo/ Lego something they can build. My daughter loves building towers.We also have little figures from her favourite TV show paw patrol. She takes them all little adventures.

She also loves to help baking. Could you maybe get them to 'help' you make breakfast, like egg muffins or pancakes where they help measure or whisk. I get my toddler to measure the flour with a tiny spoon. It takes her ages but like she's being very important.

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We set lego and duplo out and he has no interest in it. Our eldest loves lego and often tries to include the 21month old. He’s very into physical play and would be most happy in the garden but with neighbours we can’t always let him out early. Also with getting a 5year old up and ready for school making pancakes and breakfast isn’t always realistic in our household.

My little one was quite similar at that age, either running round or crashed somewhere. Also a terrible sleeper. She is nearly 4 now and still a terrible sleeper but she is now interested in sitting and playing with toys more etc. I never thought there was anything different about her just she was young and why would she want to sit still. We had coloured carpet spots that we put on the floor and she could jump between them or run to different colours when we told her to. Also we would let her throw the cushions from the sofa on the floor and she could jump on them and the sofas actually. During the day we always walk and go to the park and we are outside for several hours a day. Now she can walk further herself it definitely helps get the wiggles out. I just think some toddlers are high energy doesn't mean they will always be that way just not meant for sitting yet, my eldest definitely learns about the world through movement it's how she figures it all out.

I would ask to be referred ASAP. I think he may showing some signs of Autism too see if he can be assessed & then they will do some intervention this early on which Is better now than later. Does he go to any childcare or toddler grouos/classes?

He’s had a paediatrician and GP review lately and definitely isn’t showing any signs of Autism.

We are having his 2year old check early because I raised some concerns but all that is wrong is hyper ness. He is the most social little boy I’ve ever seen. Loves everyone and speech is coming on nicely

How much space do you have inside? We have a big kitchen/diner space and our LO has a scuttlebug bike that he rides around on in there, also we have a thing that’s like a goal & basketball hoop, he loves running up and down kicking or throwing the balls into there.I hope you find something that works for you x

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