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Sugar in urine but not GD?

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So I had two GTT tests that were normal at 28 weeks, after which I had a +2 in my urine so I had another GTT test at 32 weeks which was also normal. I then had a trace on the next check then again a +2, then a normal reading. However they still wanted to check so now I’m doing 4x daily blood prick tests. All are showing seemingly I don’t have GD. So what could be causing the rise in glucose in urine if not GD?

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Possibly what you’re eating before you produce your urine sample? I’d look up blood sugar stabilising foods and eat those before taking another sample and see if it changes it. My friend had belvita biscuits and a banana before she did her sample and it showed up as high sugar which was an anomaly for her.

No I’m doing a controlled blood test. So the urine will show glucose but the blood test is within okay limits on it. The same food was eaten in the same case so it’s not that simple

No idea then sorry. Hopefully your midwife or doctor can advise! Good luck with everything

It can be due to various tubular defects in the kidneys, which you should have been advised on. I assume there was no glucose earlier in pregnancy (ruling out a hereditary condition)? I would push for some further tests on kidney function - have you talked to your GP about it? It may be nothing but I would definitely not ignore it. You should not get 2+ glucose in your urine no matter how much sugar you eat if your glucose control is normal. xx

I didn’t have it earlier according to tests no. This has happened since 32 weeks. Which apparently can happen. I must be borderline GD because after a raft of green results I’ve had a couple of red readings on glucose in the blood. One more and I have to call up (so I expect it’s a late onset of gestational diabetes ☹️)

Ah ok, well thats definitely better than your kidneys misbehaving. Hopefully all resolved soon! Xx

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