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Anybody knows anyone who had a baby in there 40's and baby turned out healthy??

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Hi to anyone who can help. I suffer from health anxiety and now worrying when I get pregnant in my 40's... because we are planning to have ivf... Soon preferably before I turn 40! which is a few months away...I'm worrying that my child might get seriously ill later on in life because of me having a baby in my 40's....any advice for someone who is a serial worrier! ,🙄

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Literally hundreds of thousands of women every year. Sooooo many women- many of whom are on this page.

I had my daughter at 40 years old and she is very healthy nearly 3 month old. My late Gran had my mum at 40 also no health issues at all and this was in 1959 very unheard of then obviously ahead of the times. 😉40 really sn’t that old lots of women have healthy babies at that age. There are screening tests that can be done at the dating scan so you’d know if anything was really wrong with baby. Only you can decide what is right for you. I do wish you the best Xx

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Hi Jess, how was your mom growing up was she ok? Sorry for asking a stupid question..

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Not stupid at all. She was fine absolutely no health issues, passed her o levels and A levels .She also did a degree in Graphic Art. Perfectly happy child. Xx

Hey, just to say, my step mother had her children (twins) she was 41 from IVF and now they are 20 and perfectly fine and super clever !

I had my first baby at 37 and my second at 39, they're both healthy.

I'm now 40 and apart from being a bit overweight, very healthy.

My mum had me at 35 and she's currently out pushing my 8 month old old in her buggy while I deal with toddler. She's healthy apart from a few age related aches and pains.

Perhaps if your very anxious about it, it might be worth speaking to your fertility team and perhaps being having counselling to help with your anxiety before you try getting pregnant. Having children had been the absolute hardest thing mentally I've ever done in my life and I felt pretty mentally robust before I became a parent. Having a resilience plan in place before might really help you.

Thanks all! with those comments I definitely feel reassured. 😊

I had my baby last year at 41. Shes now 10 months old and is amazing, happy, healthy and growing as she should. No issues with the pregnancy at all. I had her at home with an amazing 28min active labour before she arrived safely in the pool! 10 months later I've just found out I'm expecting again and am looking forward to the chaos and fun of our growing family. I cant comment on ivf but I'm healthy, apart from being slightly overweight and dont feel like I'm ready to slow down at all. All the best for your future x

Amazing just so nice to read. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Had my first baby this year at 40. Husband 48. Life isn't always as you planned but it works out. We are already discussing trying for baby number 2. Age has not put us off. My little boy is almost 3 months and he's an absolute darling. We have one embryo left from the same batch so be a shame to waste it.

If it works then fantastic and if it doesn't then we've already got a happy healthy little boy to enjoy.

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Wow so good to read how many eggs was retrieved from your successful IVF cycle? And congratulations on your baby. You are so right in life things don't always go to plan as you would like it to.... But does work out in the end..

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I had 11 from one ovary. My other one was not accessible due to me having endometriosis. Only 4 made it to embryo stage. 2 failed, 1 is my son and 1 left.

The two failed ones were top quality and the one that worked was ok quality (I can't remember the actual grading, think 2 aa and my son was bb? ) which shows it isn't always bad news to have "poorer" quality ones.

Hi lovely, I am 40 years old and had a very healthy and happy baby girl three months ago. I did not bleed once during my pregnancy, had 5 rounds of IVF and pregnancy induced hypertension. My baby was not affected at all, she loves company even though I had my baby during the pandemic. You will be perfectly fine, age does not matter at all: you will see people younger than you who have more serious problems than yours…. You don’t need to worry: trust your body and eat well, have a stroll in the park, and try to find support from your family and friends, you also need to take care of your mental health. Good luck!

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Love this comment deffo taking your advice... I have joined the gym and started to eat clean so at least I'm doing something towards Ivf. It's a start which hopefully my mental health will get better once I start going to the gym and taking walks. Sorry to ask but how come you had 5 rounds of ivf? Did you have any fertility issues... With me Its unexplained.

I had my daughter at 44 years of age via IVF. Conceived just before my 44th birthday. She is absolutely healthy and is now 3 months old. By the way my husband is 57. However, if my circumstances were different, I would have done it earlier.

Furthermore, my mother had my little sister at 40 years of age. My sister is now on her late 20s and has given birth to twins.

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Thanks for your post so glad to read such positive story it really many eggs did you retrieved sorry to ask I'm just curious.😊

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You are welcome and happy to answer your question. For my successful round, I had 15 eggs retrieved, 10 were mature and 5 fertilised. I had an AMH of 9 in 2021

All the best 🙏🏾

It’s so good to hear all these posts. I’m just about to turn 41 (very fit, healthy and young feeling!) and about to start our 3rd round of IVF - I’m never giving up hope!

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After reading these amazing posts Its deffo lifted me up! When will you start your ivf journey? Who are you having it with?

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I’m going to start on long protocol on day 21 of the cycle that is about to start, so maybe in about 24days. I’m doing it at a clinic in a hospital in West London. How about u?

Hi I had a baby last December and I'm 41!He is a very healthy little guy. I personally don't think age is a factor like it used to be. I hope this has been of some help?

I had my first baby at 44 and she’ll be a happy healthy 1 year old in 2 weeks xx

Hi Shaze sorry to hear you suffer from excessive worrying! Having babies is stressful enough for everyone so I really feel for you and how difficult it must feel.

Actually the research suggests that although mums after 40 have a higher chance of genetic problems, their babies tend to be much healthier than average. Your body is more mature and able to support and nourish a baby better. Please do look at the research, it is only a higher genetic mutations risk not an overall health risk. Your baby is likely to live longer, have a healthier heart and be stronger now.

Apart from myself who have had both my healthy babies after 40, my great grandmother had my great uncle at 43 at a time when doctors were expensive and difficult to find. My great uncle and my grandmother have outlived all their siblings and he is a healthy 80-something year old who still loves a glass of wine and goes out every day.

When we have babies we give up control and it’s very hard. Anything can happen to anyone no matter how well the stats are stacked for you. But most of the time it’s ok and when it’s not it’s still worth it.

Good luck with ivf! Big hug 🤗

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This was so comforting to read ❤️💖 thanks so much for sharing it's means a lot massive hugs back to u. Thankyou 😊

Yes, I know someone who had a baby in her 50s and her son is well and thriving

Hi, yes I know lots of people who has babies 40+ they where born healthy, but they needed extra care to make sure everything's ok, hope this helps.

Perhaps try start with the help with your stress and worry because that won't help

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I’m 43, almost 44 and 33wks with my first via natural (surprise) conception (we weren’t trying…) and all is perfectly fine! Have hope and try not to worry… it serves no purpose at all and wastes your good energy. Good luck!

Wow congratulations!! And yes it is a waste of energy have to start being more positive. U give me hope! Congratulations again!

Many, many people have babies in their 40s which are perfectly healthy. If you look at the research and the odds, the chances are still highly in your favour that baby will be fine, and things can go wrong when mum is any age

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Thanks this comment helps so thankyou for your positive words.

I had my first (and only) baby at 44 and he's perfect!

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Congratulations! Was it through ivf or natural?

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Wow!!! Amazing!

I had my little boy at 41, his dad was 51. Pregnancy was totally fine, no issues at all, as was labour and his delivery. He’s now a happy and healthy 3 year old and the best thing we ever did! I too am a worrier and can have serious anxiety issues, and totally understand how easy it is to say ‘don’t worry’ but how hard it is to do! But like you, I know it’s pointless and a waste of energy so every day I try ‘not to worry’. Kids bring lots of worry, part and parcel of being a mum and loving them so much, but it’s worth every second 🥰 but definitely, your age is not be a worry!

My mum had me at 44 and I'm perfectly fine ;)

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Good to know! 😊

My aunt clocked 50years old last month and just last week Tuesday, she had twins(two boys) via ivf. She has been discharged from the hospital and the babies are doing great. So age is nothing. Just eat healthy, avoid stress, take enough rest and don't miss any of your doctor appointment.

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Oh wow! Congratulations to your aunt. Was it through her own eggs aswell?

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