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Is this positive

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Need a bit of help please, took this test and thought it was faulty as nothing came up for a while so put it in the bin, looked at it a while later & this came up! Help would be massively appreciated please

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It's only valid during the time it gives on the test instructions. Outside of that the test is invalid as it could be dye runs or evaporation lines. You need to test again and read the new test online with the instructions.

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Jessg221 in reply to Seb9

Thank you for your reply I appreciate it! Took a second test and came up negative but I’ve read if it’s very early which it would be as ovulated 27th april then my HCG levels could be lower for second one (not sure how true this is) but will re test again! Many thanks again!

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Natasha319 in reply to Jessg221

Yeah, make sure you read the instructions

If it was outside the 3 minute window it's invalid.

Wait until your period is late then test again

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Jessg221 in reply to Milliemoo6

Period is due today but no sign of it just yet, I took a early test on Tuesday and came up negative so I’m assuming it’ll be here soon! 😞

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