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Baby position

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Helo all dears

Quite worried about baby position..

On left and right side of navel I feel hard lump.. Sometimes left side pop out and sometimes right side pop out... Feel kicks on right side of navel... Baby movements ibfeel near navel...

Is my baby lying Transverse???

How to turn my baby to cephalic??

I am 8 months pregnant.

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What does your midwife say? Only a medical professional can check that for you. My baby was head down, back to my tummy and legs crossed. The crossed legs meant he kicked on both sides.

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We're they used to pop out near both the sides of navel...

If you're concerned your midwife a call, they can tell where baby is lying from feeling your tummy so really only then that can offer you reassurance

When was your last check up? If your uk based it’s usually recorded. Sometimes even when babies are head down they can spin round enabling them to be able to kick either side. I wouldn’t worry but on the off chance baby is transverse you can always use a gym ball to sit on. This gives you good posture by making you sit up straight and gives baby optimum room to move into position xx

Your midwife should have checked the positioning at each appointment and you should definitely be aware of where baby is by now (from their assessment)

My baby is definitely head down and kicks to the right or left and sometimes will arch her back or her bottom against the opposite side - this could be what you're feeling so I wouldn't worry too much. Midwife should be feeling where baby is at each appointment before listening to babys heartbeat so do ask.

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