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Swimming after immunisations for small baby

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My son was born around 5lb and is wearing tiny baby clothes. After his immunisations he will probably be newborn clothing size and I would like to take him swimming after then.

Anyone with smaller babies got any recommendation for swimwear and swim nappies? I can only find 0-3 month products and while he will be that old, his size won't reflect that.


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Have you asked the swimming teacher if you're going to lessons? Our teacher had told us they normally.eoildnt suggest lessons until they are 6-8 weeks old, and are able to hold up their head on their own.

He will be more than 8 weeks old ( after immunisations), he is just a bit small.We have booked a weekend away somewhere with a heated pool, rather than considering lessons. Think a public pool may be too cold.

I would probably wait till he is big enough for the 0-3 months as babies get cold very quickly and the smaller they are the more they struggle with their temperature. My little girl was a tiny baby, she was weighed on Monday and was 8lb 7oz and is filling out newborn size nicely, I reckon in about 2 weeks I will need to up her to 0-3 month clothing so you probably won't have much delay for going swimming.

My biggest issue is waiting for her vaccinations, she will be 8 weeks on Tuesday and still doesn't have a date.. GP surgery just keep saying that she is on a waiting list!

We have booked a weekend away somewhere with a heated pool, rather than considering lessons. Think a public pool may be too cold, you are right.

Hi my swim class that I take my baby to because of the temp of the pool was that they should be either 12 weeks or 12 pounds before they had their lesson. My girl 4lb 15 at birth so I waited till the 12 weeks for her to start. I got her a Happy Nappy Full Wetsuit that was 0 to 3 months and it was still huge on her, but it kept her lovely and warm all through winter. Her feet only just poked out of it and it was quite baggy, but I made sure the Happy Nappy underneath was tight enough on her legs in case of poo.

She wore it till she was nearly 7 months old and I've only just decided to keep her in a Happy Nappy as she getting some fat rolls and the weather is warmer.

Maybe check your pool temperature and make a decision on that, with my first the pool was a tiny hotel pool that they could swim in from birth and was like bath temperature, so we only ever used a Happy Nappy then and she never got cold, she started there at about 6 weeks old.

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Thankyou Seb9 :)

Agree with this. I wasn’t allowed to book my prem baby (born at 4lb 2oz) until she was at least 12 weeks old and as she was small was advised to book lessons that were done in a heated pool. I used the splash about warm in one wetsuit and a happy nappy underneath (I chose the smallest sizes). X

Thanks :)

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