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Implantation Bleeding?

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The most likely time of conception was one week ago today. Yesterday I began bleeding (dark brown discharge) but I am not supposed to start my period for another 9-10 days. I am on the pill but I haven’t missed any days. I am also having very mild cramps but those are my only symptoms. Does this sound like implantation bleeding?

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If you're on the pill, it's unlikely to be implantation bleeding. If your having unexplained bleeding during your cycle you should perhaps speak to your doctor. Are you up to date with your smear tests? I had bleeding between periods and I had abnormal cells which needed treatment so its always worth ruling that out.

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I actually just had a pap smear two weeks ago with normal results. I haven’t missed a pill so I’m unsure why it would be breakthrough bleeding which is why I immediately went with implantation. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my OBGYN but I was hoping for some reassurance before then. Thank you for your reply.

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Definitely doesn't sound too me like implantation, that's normally very pinkish milky discharge, where as brown blood is normal fairly old blood, so perhaps irritation from your pap or intercourse. What pill are you on? When I was on the mini pill, my periods were very irregular and then stopped all together. Good luck with your doctor, hope it all goes well x

It's a bit early to be implantation bleeding.

Yeah if you’re on the pill it’s very unlikely to be implantation bleeding. More than likely it’s your body responding to the hormones. Just because you didn’t have bleeding before doesn’t mean something hasn’t happened to cause this. I had brown discharge in between periods a few years ago and no issue was found and it eventually stopped

Update (not that anyone wants one) but it wasn’t implantation or breakthrough bleeding. It was a small blood vessel that burst (most likely during intercourse). All tests are normal and is nothing to worry about.

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