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Hayfever and Pregnancy

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My Partner and Myself are trying for a baby and each year I suffer really badly with Hayfever (to the point where I can hardly breath/see) and I would normally just buy hayfever tablets of the shelf. After picking up a few packets and reading the packet most of them are not suitable to take during pregnancy.

Can anyone recommend an over the counter hayfever tablets that are suitable to take during pregnancy please?

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Over the counter are absolutely fine and I took during my pregnancies and while breastfeeding. Nasal sprays are fine too.

Most medications will say what you’ve read on the labels because the testing process doesn’t include pregnant women, but there’s lots of evidence that says they are safe. If I’m any doubt though, always speak to your midwife or doctor xx

That’s great thank you. I had a feeling that it would be fine taking them but I just wanted to double check first

I suggest you check with the doctor to be on the safe side and to also have a back up plan, particularly if you struggle to breathe as they may suggest an inhaler.

I took Loratadine all through pregnancy and used a nasal spray too I used Beconase. Like Cheekymonkey85 said, they can't test them on pregnant woman but there's lots of evidence that they're safe and are used in pregnancy without side effects on baby. You can check with your doctor what they would recommend too, never hurts abs they might even prescribe something for you that works out more cost effective.

Hey there, you can get hay fever acupuncture bands that go around your elbow chemistconnect.com/pharmacy... hope they help! Xx

My hayfever disappeared while I was pregnant, hopefully you will get lucky!

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So does mine!! A lovely perk

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And mine!!!! X

I used haymax which is a barrier cream so fine during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Worked so well better than any tablets for me that I have continued to use it even after

Hi, I'm glad you raised this as I've been suffering today! I usually take fexofenadine as prescribed by my GP but I'm told this isn't suitable. However, she did say that I could take Piriton if I was desperate. I wish my hayfever would disappear, my eyes and sinuses are sore!

My GP prescribed me Piriteze (not Piriton), as well as a nose spray. I’ve been using Sterimar to flush my nose out and contact lens solution to rinse my eyes. Good luck!

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