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What do you think?

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Hi all, we went for our 20 week scan and baby was super shy and had their legs crossed so we couldn’t find out the gender! We plan on staying team green now but I’d seriously love to know what people think as me and hubby have different ideas! Thank you so much.

I’m a FTM and we struggled with fertility for 7 years, 4 rounds of ivf and a miscarriage BUT things seem to be going well now so I’m just keeping everything crossed we make it and get to meet our little miracle!!!

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What’s team green? I’m excited for you and glad to hear everything is progressing well. I have also struggled with fertility (I’m 15 weeks atm) but already know it is a girl because of the NIPT test. Will they repeat the scan for you? I’m terrible at reading these scan photos so I’d just be guessing. Keep healthy and enjoy the journey.

Thanks so much! Team green just means not going to find out. The anomaly scan is more medical than gender so they won’t rescan and we are taking it as sign that baby doesn’t want us to know just yet so we will wait until birth now! I just love guessing and some people on here are amazing at skull theory so might know ☺️good luck with your journey too! It’s amazing that things are working out isn’t it! We are so grateful!

Ah I see! You know, before deciding to do the NIPT test (due to issues in the past), my husband and I were very happy not to find out. We had struggled so much to get to this point that we did believe it would be a great surprise to find out at birth. I have no idea about skull theory lol but I’ll say it is a boy! Thanks for the good wishes, I will keep an eye out for your updates! :)

I’ll do the same for you! All the best! 💛

I’m going to say boy from the shape of the head.

Thanks for guessing! My OH thinks boy too 🥰 we can’t wait to find out! I’ll update in 16 weeks! Eeek!

I think team pink 😘 x good luck x

Thanks so much for taking a guess! I’m so desperate to know now. Can’t wait to meet them! Thank you x

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